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Are you wondering as to how one should hack a bank account, and consequently transfer those cash online without any sort of bank hacking software or any other complicated hacking method? Well, congrats. You are at the right place for we are the experts in hacking bank account without software.

Bank account hacking has never been so easy. Thanks to our automated Malware/Trojan. We have successfully collected banking credentials of several different around the globe by the help of this Malware. It is a very effective way of accessing bank-relevant information; may it be a particular account detail, a bank database or even a bank server.Our highly competent team comprising of Russian hackers has professionally designed it. We spread this Malware/Trojan online, and when a person tries to log into his or her online back account it essentially captures their personal banking details.

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The key in this game is to know who out there is simply pretending to be the real deal. You need not to waste your time or cash either on those who are merely claiming to provide you with non-traceable online bank account hacking services or on bank hack forums and underground carding forums. That is simply because you will not find what you are look for at any of the said forums. The important aspect that you should note here is that you can never come across a bank account hacking software for sale because, given tight bank security.  It is only a task for professional hackers to penetrate through it and hack the accounts.

There are several of those who pretend to be what they are not. They pretend to be professional Russian hackers forum when they are not. Surely, they are merely a team of scammers who try to rip you off your own cash by advertising unlimited monetary gains, bank account hacking applications, relevant bank hacking software and whatnot. In short, you need to know you will not get bank hack service except for whole bunch of viruses.


We are what we say we are and here is why. This is where we educate you about our services, and identically give you our expedited professional advice very well catered for your needs. It is because of the below-mentioned reasons you should choose us:

  1. We are a team of highly-proficient Russian hackers, our services are safe and guaranteed.
  2. Our service are safe because it is our top-most priority to look after the security and safety of each of our customers.
  3. We aim to provide you with the most qualitative bank account hacking We do not make you rely on some sort of a bank account hacking software.
  4. You can become our frequent customer to avail bonuses.
  5. Our services are undoubtedly unrivalled.
  6. We prioritize our customer’s safety before any other thing.


We make use of CVV fullz to register bank accounts, and we simply use the hacked bank account details to transfer the desired amount of money to the account registered through a process that is more commonly known as money laundering.

Following that, we send the money to your account. This allows us to prevent case freezing or any other sorts of restrictions on your account. Just like we maintained, what we do is guaranteed to be safe for you.

We are a team of highly skilled Russian hackers. We are the most experienced bank account hacking forum out in the market, and we guarantee you the most reliable online bank account hacking services. In addition to that, we make use of bank hacking tools that we have collected from our vast experience of 25 years. Combined with our rich experience, we take pride in our techniques which include the using of Zeus botnets, innovative phishing and bulk mailing to access bank login credentials.


To get bank accounts hacked from our trusted bank account hacking forum, we need the following information so that you are provided with smooth service:

Bank Name : ……………
Account name : ……………
Account number: ……………
Routing number/Swift code/IBAN/IFSC: ……………


Value of Transfers :

As per or policies, we transfer $2,000 – $10,000 per transfer to Personal accounts whether it is a Checking account, Savings account, Current account, or a Standard account. Moreover, it should be noted that the transfers greater than $10,000 can only be availed by Business or Corporate accounts. And if you plan on transfers over $10,000 then all you got to do is to call us. The fee for such transfers is not mentioned here but it is negotiable.

Transfer Clearing time :

If the transfer is to be made in UK, USA, EU, Canada or Australia, then we shall provide you with same day service but if the transfer is made in Russia, Dubai or Singapore then allow us 1 to 2 business days.


                  AMOUNT                FEE:

  • $2,000 – $4,000====== $450
  • $5,000 – $7,000====== $750
  • $8,000 – $10,000===== $1,050
  • $50,000 (VIP) =======  $5,250
  • $100,000 (VIP) ======  $10,100
  • $200,000 (VIP) ======  $20,200

   For amounts over $200,000, give us a call or email us.

EMAIL: [email protected]

WHATSAPP: +44-7494-342030
(ICQ): 712705321
TELEGRAM: bth5321
(Wickr) accounthackers

NOTE:  In case the country in which you want a bank account to be hacked is not mentioned in the afore-stated listed then contact us directly. You just need to get in touch with our Sales Department, and tell them the amount you need to be transferred. Following that, you pay the transfer charges and provide us with the relevant details (mentioned above). We will complete your request in the most secure way possible.


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  12. Hello, I am trying to get in contact to order. How can I get ahold of someone to order? Thank you.

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  14. Please guys is this thing real and how long does it take to receive your money in your bank account for nigerians

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  26. Hello Sir/Ma,

    How are you doing today, i hope this email find you right.

    Please this is my first time and it’s obvious to doubt but I really want to give it a try and start low…how do i go about the payment and how will i receive funds from you. I really hope for a reply.

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    • Thanks for using our service and we are glad you are satisfied while using our service. Best Regards

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    • It has been a pleasure working with your sir Gary, we hope to work on higher deals with you. Regards.

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    • We are glad you can now tell the difference between us and scammers out there, we advise you be careful to other team offering this service.

  38. Wooow!! i couldn’t help but to come here for this review, it all happened like a magic just within 2 hours after sending bitcoin my Capital One bank account was

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  42. For those who have received Has this ever taken longer than three days. Just curious.

    • It’s a normal process as there are other orders before yours so kindly exercise patient until your transfer is authorized. You’ll be notified accordingly, regards.

  43. This team sent 35.000 euros to my wife account Banco Santander in spain. I paid on friday and she receive the money on monday before the close of banking hours. i am delighted that this service exist and they came through to their words.

  44. Hello house,pls am new to this website and Ave read a lot of comments on this website
    Do they do transfer straight to nigeria acct or bitcoin wallet,pls anyone that Ave experience this should let me know.

    • It’s quite simple you should hit the admin with the telegram ID and he will guide you on how to order. Their rule is simple you pay before they transfer.

  45. I am in serious need of someone to say what they mean and mean what they say.. I am a very good person in a tough spot. I have been wasting my time with ripper sites and have gotten very frustrated with the way this has been going.. I need help. I am nearly 50 and find myself starting from scratch.. If this site is real this is a god send.. Where do i start??

  46. So far the best hacking group I have come across my friend introduced me here I will be forever grateful to him, I was in deep financial shit before I came here and guess what they have helped my sort myself out with money and I have more money I could ever imagined. I’m so happy tnx y’all.

    • I am in the same boat as you were except I lost my child to cancer and am now in a horrible financial situation due to the costly bbattleto keep her with us. I really would like to talk with someone about helping us , we are sinking fast.

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  49. I have know this team for over 5 years and they have always kept to their word thou sometimes they experience so hitches which causes delay for me to receive but everything gets sorted out and i definitely got my transfer.

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    • I have use their service worth $300k and i’ve not been awarded vip yet, please how did you do it because i need huge funding for opening my new 7 start hotel in France after this covid-19 pandemic is over

      • Contact Arshavin and inform him of the value of order which has qualified you to be a vip member and he will direct you to his boss which will give you a vip registering code. you will order with it when you need huge money.

  51. I used this only for money transfers the last 3 years but now I decided to use it as my everyday account. Best hack money transfers and sometimes immediate to other country. I have 13 bank accounts, the latest are Monese, Starling. I even sent £250,000 to Spain and had no issues with the bank. I wouldn’t trust any other russian hack team to send this much than this hack team.

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    • After reading the reviews, I was really hesitant to order money transfer. I am actually happy I went ahead and ordered it. I didn’t have any problems at all with them, received my order within 5 hours after i paid through bitcoin. this service is really awesome.

  56. I used transfer service to send $45,000 to my wife while she was visiting family in Moscow. The only delay was due to first time use (pinging my account and subsequent confirmation – more of an issue on our bank’s part for delay in crediting micro payments to my account). The transfer was credited by TW about 3 days later, on a Friday. I received a notification on a Monday that money was transferred to my wife’s bank card, but that it might take a couple days. Five minutes later she pinged me on WhatsApp: “Money is here.” I’m very pleased with how efficient and inexpensive the service is.

    • We are known for our efficiency and reliability to our clients worldwide, thanks for trusting our service, regards.

  57. I am Roman and into real estate investments. At the beginning I was a scared of buying a transfer worth $5,000,000 however my friend who has been using them to order up to $10,000,000 assured me of their ability to deliver.
    I started talking to Arshavin the sales rep and I asked him all the questions referring the money transfer and the safety in this and how it worked, he answered me all my questions and cleared my doubt. Then I decided to trust Arshavin and I transferred payment of $550.000 to the their account at Mexico. Immediately after they got the transfer they sent me an email to confirm my payment and. They started working on my transfer and i received my transfer in my business account at UK within 3 days. I will recommend them over and over again to anyone.

    • Hello Roman, Thanks for trusting us and we are happy you are satisfied with our service.

  58. I contacted customer service to be informed that my country was not listed on the website as such I was not eligible. i was happy that they had to tell them my country Seychelles I pointed out that and i was told not to worry that i can receive transfer.

    They asked for my account details and for order process and i received my transfer of $10,000 next 2 days. Their customer service response is great. i rate 101%

  59. It’s been a while since I’ve been using the service. So far my experience has been excellent especially the money transfer service.

  60. Ihr Service ist nicht von dieser Welt. Ich wünschte, ich hätte dies früher getroffen. Ich würde mich sehr über Ihre Unterstützung bei der Bestellung von 20.000 Euro freuen. Nochmals vielen Dank

  61. I wan transfer to National Bank of Abu Dhabi i need 350.000 dirhams. i pay feee for trasfe on btc

  62. hello guys I’m from the United Kingdom (UK) I didn’t believe at first but my friend who has been using your service to pay for goods from china assured me on this. I’m happy my business partner just confirmed my payment of £350,550. i’m super happy i’ll make a hell of profit from my business. Your %10 fee is really fair and i will definitely be a long time client of yours. thanks once again.

    • Thanks for trusting us. You have been successfully added to our VIP clients. Best Regards

  63. I usually thought shit like this get one into trouble but i have been proven wrong i’ve been using your service since 2 years + 8 months now and i’m still counting. thank you for changing my life.

  64. I’ve never met any legit and profesional hacker everr since I was searchin for this type of service till I met you. I cannt thank enough for the 77k euro transfer to my deutsche bank. Tanks Once I’m very glad you kept to your words.

  65. I feel like jumping into the pool right now, I have received the $10,000 transfer i ordered for i’m so happy this Christmas will be a memorable one. i’m sending payment for more asap

  66. I have seen different kind of website offering hacking services but trust me most of them are rippers, i got burnt 4 times seeking for real hackers until my friend told me about I am in contact with this hacker. very efficient and fast response from their admin. I’ve been able to recover all i lost and thousand of bucks through them.

  67. Season greetings to everyone and to all our old and new customers, we are pleased to inform you that we are offering %15 of the fee for december sales on all our services to new and existing clients. We hope you take advantage of this Xmas rates and we wish you all lovely christmas celebration.


    • I have instructed my assistant to send across bitcoin payment for 350k GBP transfer to my business account in UK, I changed my contact on my VIP phone please, i will write you on ICQ to add my new id. thank you for the xmas discount.

    • I want order for 15.000 euros and i hav bitcoin ready now. tel me discount i send -15%

    • I have been waiting for this moment due to i don’t have enough fee i can now the fee on discount rate. i have cash but i don’t know hot to ppurchase bitcoin pls help me

  68. Pls help me house, have read a lot of testimony on this since people have been running this 2017, how can I get paid cuz I want to pay hospital bills, what information do you need, from Nigeria

    • Hi All
      I’ve read many positive comments,
      How do I pay the order amount required.
      I’m struggling.
      Help.$450 to pay.

  69. My transfer of $125,000 is showing in my ledger balance but has not completed cleared for withdrawal for the past two days, has anyone experience such previously?

    • Cole how long did it take for you to recieve and did you get your funds released? I’m waiting on my transfer now.

      • Yes man the funds got cleared after 3 days and i’ve withdrew it. i have sent money for a larger amount and i’m happy because i will have a memorable xmas celebration with my family.

  70. I haven’t use this before and i would like to experience it please i need help to order this

  71. I never believe this at first but after the trial of $450 and received the $4k i am with you all through. this christmas will be a memorable for i and my kids

    • Yes Melanin I’ve had bad experience online to fake hackers and was skeptical about this, i thank God it was worth trying and they came through to their words after paying $750 for $7k i received it. I’m with them all through.

  72. hello guys are you still in business I reside in UAE and will want to purchase order for $50.000 i have your fee ready and let me know if i can pay through bitcoin or bank transfer

  73. Hey guys i lost your url and i’ve been scammed by guys claiming they offer bank hacking services, please i regret using them. I want to continue using your bank transfer service coz you guys are the real deal. i have my $1050 ready in bitcoin please reply my mail with your bitcoin address. thanks

  74. Hi I need the cash but the routing number might be a problem for me to get or can it be a 3 figure number.Am in Kenya and is it possible to do the bussiness

  75. Greetings, I am interested in transferring funds to my $ 4000 personal account please contact me at my email. Sincerely

    • Hi Johanesse, did you get your transfer from them? I’m skeptical in using their service because i’ve been ripped 4 times by scammers.

  76. I received my transfer of $8900 but it was showing on ledger balance and i want to know why it has not cleared yet, has anyone experience it before, please advice.

    • Yes i experienced same thing but the funds settled after 24 hours and i got to cashout, how about your experience

  77. Hi does anyone receive payment in Australia,plz help I want to go for operation on my knee plz help

  78. Hi, I’m looking for$10,000 , I’m having hard time for my financial plz help me from Australia

  79. hello…can you please give me details on how the bank transfer is been done,,,am having $2,500 how much can i get as my transfer?

  80. Just now I order 7000$. I am waiting for money. When I receive money I post immediately..

    • Have you received your transfer? Am still skeptical about this service. Please update me how much you received and how long did it take before you received your transfer after you ordered. Thanks.

  81. You guys are the best actually came through when I need you the most, I had a wonderful Xmas celebration with my kids.

    • Am so happy to hear all this good good testimonies. Am going to create the courage to give it a try.. I will make order for $4000.

  82. How do you make the payment and then give your bank details? Is it from e mail. Please somebody answer.
    These guys could change my life

    • send the admin a mail through email or icq displayed on their contact page and they’ll give you all information you need.

  83. Informations de qualité et conviviales affichées sur le site Web, y compris l’icône du traducteur

  84. Hi, what is the procedure for cashing out in bank login and how legit is this? Anybody know this?

    • I’ll advice you order bank transfer mate i once bought bank login and couldn’t cashout the money myself, just wasted that and i had to order for $4000 bank transfer which i received 5 hours later.

  85. Hi, am 01.12.2018 werde ich mein Glück auch probieren, in der Hoffnung, es wird gut klappen. Weil wurde über Tausende betrogen und kann meine Rechnungen nicht mehr bezahlen und will nicht obdachlos werden.
    Kann ich den Jungs vertrauen??
    Ich habe mit denen schon geschrieben.
    Aber habe Angst das mein letztes Geld wieder weg ist. Ich weiß ja nicht ob die Kommentare generiert worden sind? Danke für Ihre schnelle Antwort!

  86. Good day management. I really need your help. Please I want money to be transfer to wife in USA… I will be very happy if my request is accepted more grace

  87. Halloo everyone……
    Am Eddie and I need this money. I trust in your words and I hope it Will come through.

  88. How can I get Indian rupees in Indian currency and I need 10 lakh to my sister’s marriage

  89. So nice when i heard about this, can i get the full details ,and know the next thing to do?

  90. Hi

    Have you ever use bank login? Is this acc real? how many times they can work and transfer and recive money

  91. Hi Brothers

    Any body use Bank Logins service?

    Does it really work?

    whats your experiences?

    Thank you

  92. @Emeka, did you provide all this Routing number/Swift code/IBAN/IFSC for your local account in Nigeria before they did the transfer? Please I love to know.

    • @Joseph Chukwudi.
      did you still go ahead to transac with them?
      where you paid?
      please answer me, i want to know if to give it a try. thank you

  93. @Emeka please if this is true I need pay some debit that I currently have now and it is really killing can I go about it and can they pay to my local account in Nigeria.please help Emeka my brother.

  94. Please I want you to transfer money to my baclays account, please how I’m I going to go about it.

  95. is anybody used this service from uk? is it trusted? someone from uk please tell me about it. thanks

  96. Good day Admin,
    My name is Noah Sunday from Nigeria, I want bank transfer.
    Do you accept Bitcoin payment for Bank transfer?
    Please kindly sort me out.

      • What of perfect money?? Do dey accept the payment with perfect money?? And how can I send payment to them??

        • @prince yes they accept perfect money that’s what i paid with for my order and i received my money, not many knows about this service yet and i’m glad i’m benefiting from it now.

  97. Hey i also want to order. Can anyone suggest me how much time they will take ? And share some personal experience if any one has their transaction done in real. I want to order them $ 20000 buck for my daughters education fee

  98. Does anyone have transacted from Singapore?? How much time it will take. Anyone know?

  99. Hi, need 5,000 pounds Sterling for one of my company issues please help me out of this mess, Adim. I’ll pay by the percentage trust me i have been in this game since 2015

  100. am alvinester from UAE I need to buy house and my tuition fee I’m really interested I need the amount of 8600 what will I do now.

  101. Hey, Want to get 5000 pounds for myself operation, how and how long it will takes, please reply, thank you

  102. Hey, Want to get 5000 pounds for my newborn baby operation, how and how long it will takes, please reply, thank you

    • No they don’t do that they always receive payment before they send transfer

  103. Did any of you guys receive same day transactions from this service ?

  104. please help us to have money im in south africa why you not replying to people i just nee $10000 only

  105. Hi frind
    I want to make transfer of $10,000 kindly let me know how much i will pay and how to pay it.


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    Be warned, most of these so called hackers are imposters, I know how real hackers work, they never advertise themselves in such a credulous manners and they are always discrete.
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    • please kindly help me. I’ve sent an email to them but I’ve not received a reply yet. I’m in nigeria I would like to know if my country is eligible for the transfer. I need to pay rent by the end of this month. Please help me I’m desperate.

      • Hello Abby, im from Nigeria too. Were you able to get the services of this guys? Was the transfer done and is it legit? How did they go about transferring the money to you? Pls give me details. How you started till you got d cash and how did you pay. Please!

        • Yes Chucks I received my transfer in my local bank account and I paid them using bitcoin and sometimes perfect money depending on which I have available.

  107. I really want to say I like u guys work and I don’t mind if u can make me smile.

  108. I received my transfer of 27000 euro in my Danske Bank acoount. thanks y’all for coming throuh
    Plesse I need more trasfa

    • Yes I pade for a 4000 euro and within few hours my acount was credite, it easy and faster as well.

      • Hi how you make money please i have very poly child ,my son goig operation need more money thanks

        • @Jan, yu shoulde order for bank transfer with little fee and get money for operation sorry my enlish im germany

  109. I want to make transfer of $1800 kindly let me know how much i will pay and how to pay it.


  110. How can i make 3000$ order as i need some money to pay rent and some other things at home, Please give me there contact if anyone here have it with Thanks

  111. I paid $450 for $4000 transfer but I’ve been notified that they don’t have an account to match my order and what’s available will require I send extra $ please has anyone experienced this? it’s my first time on this I need answers.

    • I had similar experience with them i had to put up extra bucks to pull it through

      • Hi Wendy_Pol,

        Can you please tell me the amount you ordered and how much extra you had to send in ? I’d like to place my order very soon. Thanks

        • Hi Will, I ordered $4000 but wasn’t available like Shantel stated above and I had to pay additional $4300 and received huge amount of money, I was surprised thou everything happened like a movie lol.

          My friend assured me on it which was why I paid such high amount and the outcome was positive the money came in and my bank cleared it without any hitch. I can bet a top bucks on this gees they are the best.

          • You had to pay an extra $4,300 ? Wow. Well, it worked out and you got whatever amount. Hopefully, yours and Shantel’s cases were isolated incidents.

          • How long did it take for you once the extra was added? Cause the same thing happened to me.

    • I think it’s a normal issue i also experienced that after paying 450 euro i was furious that i though i’ve been scammed but hd to see reasons wit them afterwards and sent extra money and they came throu like they promissed. sorry my bad english

  112. Hello
    I’m from Papua New Guinea but my country is not listed.
    Could you help please?
    I need money to buy a new house.

  113. Helo guys i’m do happy seeing this website and the comments of how they help yall I just cant wait to pay the fee. surely gonna inform my friends about this.

  114. if this is really possible. you guys should make a miracle happen to me. so where do we start from.

  115. Hi how does i works wish country account do you need and how will I pay for the transaction

  116. heloo

    i need some cash to finifsh up paying my house i guess this is the best so far i have checked online and it looks promising.
    please can anyone help.

    many thanks

    • I don’t think they do but my boss who’s a VIP receives call from them I also wish I can get to the VIP level so I can order huge bucks you know

  117. Has anyone done this recently? Did it go through successfully?

    I need to raise $180,000 for my husband’s kidney transplant, he has been off work, so trying this is our last hope.

      • Hi Kate, I’ve been able to receive $89,550 using their service buy i’m being limited to order for huge transfer at once.

        • Linda Roger, please let me know if you legitimately recieved the transfer? I need help for same reason. Thank you

  118. Hey friend’s im totaly broke if i dont pay the bank until wensday i will living on street. Can you send me 8000 eur to my bank acount. I will pay your fee imidiatly after receiving the money. I want to pay in andvance but i dont have any money. Please help me? Im a honest man i will proove you.

  119. Hey guys I need help, my deal is about to be rejected over inadequate funds on my part to access the high amount available at the moment! Can any of you already rich dudes who have benefited from this service help me with a loan so I could pull my transfer through? I’ll pay back as soon as the transfer is made. Help a bro out. Thanks

    • same thing happened to me and I had to take loan from a friend and pay up the balance before they sent my transfer and I paid off my debt

  120. I need this transfe asap, have got some urgent needs and bills to take care of pls reply my mail. tnx

  121. Hey can anyone tell me if this actually works and they get there transfer straight away after ordering the amount they want?? Please

  122. please i am Jefa. how can i do this. i am interested in this system. please aid me.

  123. Does this really work? Im in need of help in order to pay for school and other debts.

  124. Hey guys! I am about to pay for their service.anyone in the USA have Bank of America that did this? I really need it today!!

    • Yea Belinda, I’ve used their service 3 times now and received with my BOA account without any setback

  125. Hi my name is Roger and I’m a father of 5 beautiful kids I’ve got myself into a Critical Life Threatening Situation where if I don’t pay sooner than later I might be in real danger of not breathing anymore I can barely make ends meet so I’m willing to sacrifice my 2 personal bank accounts in return of some help so I beg someone to find it in them to help save a human life more importantly a father to 5 beautiful kids and 2 grand children…..

    • Mr. Roger please let me know j got positive response from them ? Did you get something?

      • Yes Soni they are a life saver, they came through for me when i needed help most i paid my debt and have enough to buy a new house and car.

    • From having doubts about this coz it sounded to good to be true I have made lots of bucks of over 78k bucks I am just happy coz i’ve never had any problems with the authorities.

          • Lol, I had same feelings thou before I started using their servics and they came through for me, i could actually bet my left balls on this guys they are fuckin legit I even orderd for $37,000 which I got 2 days after.

          • How much do i need to use to try this service bro?

  126. How can one safeguard themselves from external sources knowing about the transaction?

  127. I need to pay my debts and increase my income which is very small to compare with today expenses from rent to daily needs and I need to get a new laptop to work after my day shift at me at home. Please tell me the process!

    • Guess you’re a newbie here contact them through their email they don’t respond comment here

      • Hi guys! Please, I’m really scared of losing money. I’ve fell victim of such before. The comments i read are 2017 & 2018. Hope this ishh is still active in this Nov 2019. Can someone ascertain me it’s a genuine site & I won’t lose $750. Please, if you have used this service and it works, please help me respond here.

  128. I was scammed $1200, but thanks to this website I got my $35,000 as requested. Thanks man now I can buy a Chrysler.

      • I received my transfer 48 hours after i sent payment for my transfer due to some delays on their server but i later ordered $4000 which i received same day

        • Hi Jeff did your bank contact you after this transfer was made to your account? I know when large sums of money are transferred to a recipient’s account the bank usually contacts the individual.

          • Isabel, I was not contacted by my bank coz they used free will donation as transfer Ref to send transfer.

  129. Can anyone help me to get money from my brother’s bank account? I will take a risks since they are not helping me in my studies… i badly need cash for my tuition..Thank You

  130. Hi guys….Am very skeptical when hearing this bt however so much surprised by many peoples comments who claimed to have benefited alot from this offer….so my enquiry is,do you mean the bank does not question you how and where you got the money from.????….do the transaction indicate the sender details.????…if so,how do you go about the transaction(withdrawal).???….Pls help…your replies is highly appreciated. Thanks all.

  131. Hey is it really true im worried about money which im paying to hackers .
    1. How should i trust
    2. How to transfer
    3. How i will get this money
    4. How to withdraw
    5. Any bank issue
    6. If i arrested what should i do (in case )
    7.How to safe my self

    • I had same feelins too when i wanted to pay for $4000 anc they cleared my doubt and trf me $3810 to my chase account and also to my cousin Westpac account in Australia, I could bet my balls on this mate.

      • How much do you pay for the their service or it’s a free service mate? Please help me out to reach them!

  132. I want to transfer money from royal bank of Scotland to my account .what can l do?

  133. I am in need of serious help I’m trying to buy a home and car can u help me I need 5000 please save me

  134. hi i am from india and i want to hack bank account of fake company who take my money runway. so please contact me i will give you full information about that bank account…..

  135. Wait isn’t it supposed to be a bogus transfer? how come there are no bank issues after that? Pls I need urgent replies cuz am really confused right here.

    • I learnt they transfer first to an offshore account before transferring to customers account to avoid suspicious from the bank or LE

  136. I Want To Find Out From You Guys.I Am In Need Of Cash, Of $2000 Nw I Don’t Have A Charging Fee. From Zambia

    • Hai Xhahid, yes I use this service and receive transfa 5 hors lateer here in pakistan

      • Hello Behram,

        Would you mind sharing how much you received ? I was just curious

        Thank you kindly,


  137. Please admin I really need this money. With $1000 I could buy a decent car back here. Please just help me admin.

  138. please admin i just bumped to this website true my google search, do i have to provide account to hack for me or do i just pay your bill and the money get into my account. please am confused……..

  139. Hi admin can you help me lil quick, I am in a great mess right now I got to pay back $15000 to the loan shark companys otherwise I will loose my car to them, if i send you $750 can I get the transfer before today elapse I’m from the USA

  140. Happy new year to y’all, i just bumped on this website and i’m interested in making money with this guys, i can’t wait to start receiving transfer from them.

      • Hi Linda, how long did you have to wait for the transfer to appear in your bank account? were there any complications? do they really transfer after you pay the fee?

  141. Please .. anyone informs me if this is real anyway? I’m having a need with my children and I really need it.

    • Janaina their service is real, yesterday I orderd for $7000 and I received $6905 sent to my wellsfargo bank account.

    • So many people have been skeptical to use their service while I have been making huge money through this, I have made thousand of bucks and and before I stop this I must have been very rich in usd

  142. hello I have 5 kids to feed them and is there any help that ican earn some money from my credit card. tel me some more info, need to be safe

    • Lol, I had same feelings as well bro but I can bet a top dollar on this guys they are legit and can be trusted.

  143. I am retired that does not mean I am wealthy it just means I have been receiving a fixed income in a world where the prices kep rising. I have tried several things but since I am getting older I realize that I need more income but not an income where I hav to produce more and more to kep up. Until a few months back, I had no idea how could I get some extra cash. So, I needed to find some things that an old guy like me can do to make money without involving much stress. I am glad I found this because it proved to be exactly what I was looking for. I am receiving a steady money transfer to me each week using this system for the past 2 months now. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to earn some money online but is skeptical to start but worth doing all along.

  144. hello friends, I just paid for $4000 to be transferred to me but I just got informed that they can’t send $4000 to my bank accunt and are giving me high amount. I am scared and I don’t feel safe due to the amount is too big for me to receive, has anybody experience this with them? please your answers will be needful

    • Hi Carl, oh!! same thing happened to me 2 days ago but they have fixed it though I paid extra fee before receiving $35,610 in my two bank accounts.

    • @Carl, I understand how you feel, you don’t have to be scared for anything, I’ve had over 10 transactions with them and experienced it 3 times but they always deliver as promise.

    • @Carl I had same experience with them few weeks ago I was initially upset about it but after accepting their terms on receiving the amount they have available I received my transfer.

  145. II never knew this exist, my friend told me about this and I ordered for $4000 unfortunately they couldn’t transfer $4000 to me and gave me an alternative of receiving over $30,000 which I accepted to their terms and I just received over $27,580 transferred to my Wellsfargo bank account. This Christmas gonna be a special one with me and my family. thanks guy

  146. Hello I am going to try it today. So I will let you know an good answer in two days from now.

  147. Hi I am a little skeptical about using this service and wonder if it is really real at all I looked everywhere for money and I didn’t know where else I can go. Me and my husband wasnt to be able to pay all our bills can someone fell me if this service is really real so I can use it please and thank you.

    • You’re at the right place Taria, I was in a deep financial mess and had debt to payoff else I loose my home, my friend told me about this transfer. I ordered my first transfer and received it same day here in the states, I personally recomend them to you they are the real gees

  148. Has anyone received any money recently. I’m taking a huge step right now sending $500 I don’t really have for the $10,000 package. I just really want to know if this is a scam or is it really legit.

    • Hey bro I had same feelings when I wanted to use their service at first but I was assured that they are legit and I paid for it. my first shot was $4000 which i paid $450 but i did receive $3725 in my account ever since I’ve been with this guys. I can bet a top dollar on them

    • Yes I have they’re really cool. i just received over 20k from them in the past 7days

  149. Oh yes Alex, I actualy got the transfer thou I had to pay $750 for $5000 transfer however it took me two days to receive the money dur to some certain delays but it’s still cool thou.

  150. Can u please help a mother if three out I just need $5000 so I can get car to get my kids backfourth to school please, I have $500 for the fee.

  151. Hi Ahmed, you a lucky man coz yu just got what you’re seekin for, I’ve been in your shoes and needed over $500k to open my anoda company, I just knew about this from my investor friend who told me the secrets of how he make huge bucks through this guy’s, I started using their services 3 months ago and so far I’ve receivd over $300k in my Saudi Investment Bank and I added me to their VIP customers. they are trusted and dedicated, you can use their services they are the best.

  152. Hello frnds!!… I saw this site and I intrested in using theire bank transfer service, I am siking to fund my new company and need over $200k and I scared about this due the amounts I need is big, I haved tried gettin funds through investos but it’s not getting positve which makes this guys my only hope escape, have anyone here used their money transfer service to receive large amount like this without reports from the police, sorry my bad english, i use google translat any response will be appreciated. tnx

    • Ahmed, any luck on getting this legitimately done. I need the same kind of help.

      • Yes I have establish my company with the help of them I am now a vip member and have receive huge money from them i advise you start with big amount so you will be vip faster. you can write me [email protected]

  153. Hello guys
    Can i trust upon these guys?
    I need money and have been fraud earlier. Dont know whom to trust .
    Can anyonr help me out

    • Hey Ashish, sorry to hear that you wer scammed. I was scammed over 2500 bucks before I could realize my mistake, I actually swore not to use the kinda service anymore not until my cousin assurd me of this guys. They’ve been wonderful and I’ve received lots of bucks through them, i couls bet a top dollar on this guys.

  154. I’ve know guyz back in the days of AlphaBay and Hansa dark market, they have been keeping to their words. Thanks for the transfer and well received.

      • Lol man, it is all abot making black money, get rich while you can coz this service don’t easily come by

        • Thanks chady i owe you alot this guys have made me fucking rich, i now own 3 houses in different cities and living a dream life.

  155. I’ve read all your comments and I think I finally found something that can work for me… I’ve searched for a long time for something like this. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Shane, I am skeptical about using this service, have you used them by now and how has it gone for you?

      • Hello tony, they are really professionals in what they do… I have been using their service for about a month now and so far they’ve actually kept to their words, thou I experience delays at times but it will surely come through just like they said, they have really helped me clear so much debt and pay my bills, what I can say now is they are God sent and am now living a good life.

        • Hey what do u mean u experience some delays in there service, is this a good service too go through??

  156. I received my transfer of $27,650 to my Westpac bank account, thanks buddies. Am surely gonna tell my friends about your services.

    • Hi, I live in Australia, are you also living in Australia? Have you used this website before? please give me honest advice I have been ripped so many times.

  157. I just came across this site and I’m really amazed and excited ! Anyone in here from Chicago who have used their services ? I think I’m gonna use them at least twice a week, this is great !

  158. I have received my transfer of $55,000 in my account, I wanted to transfer some money to my wife’s checking account but have been experiencing some difficulties doing it, I received a mail from my bank asking me to come over, I want to know if anyone has experience this, Is it safe for me to go ? I have written the admin but they’ve not responded yet. please I need answers.

      • Hey Will, everything went fine, the admin responded to me that I should go to the bank which I did, though I was kinda scared lol…. It was just for security purpose which the bank is securing my account against unauthorized transaction in it, I did some verifications and everything was all good. My bad for not updating the outcome.

        • Ok, thanks for that update Logan ! Sounds good. You just reassured me so much man. Glad it came out…

  159. hello hacker, please send me your perfect money id on my email. i want 10,000$ transfer to Ukraine

  160. Hello friend, im ready to work with you today. i’m sorry for getting btc late and made you waiting, I want to proceed with my transfer.

  161. I’ve been scammed over $7,600 by some fake hackers claiming they offer these services and i said to myself, I will never used such service again, but after i bumped into this page and saw the recommendation and comments on the site also some people also testifying they are legit, I had to give them a trial on blind fate hoping whatever came out of this i’ll just accept it. But to my greatest surprise, I ordered for $4000, after my payment is confirmed i got $3800 transferred to my account, I was so happy that i finally got the legit vendor, Ever since then they blessed me with so much bucks, I have recovered all my lost money and I am now one of their VIP customers. so happy by the help of this site.

    • Hi madam I would like to know from you are these guys honest and will promise you the amount and they are not scammers.

      • Sure, they are reliable and professionals in their mode of services. I could bet a top dollar on them.

    • Hey I just sent my fee but I’m soooo scared I have so many bills I cant afford to lose a dime. How long did it take

    • I’ve been a single mom for my 3 kids over 2 years now and things was really difficult until my friend told me about this guys and I gotcha use my next paycheck on it, I’ve made over $37,000 within few weeks.
      Thanks y’all

      • Hi madam Rebecca, are these guys guys real and legitimate in their services? Are they not scammers in disguise? Are positive comments here not generated by them? Please madam, how did you contact them and what channel did you use to send transfer fee and to who? Thanks and your answers will help me cos av been scammed by fake hackers.

        • Hello chucks i had same mindset coz i was scammed over $7000 but my friend encouraged me on the legitimacy of there service i decided to give it a last shot and my luck answered when i received $3850 for $450 i paid. I’ve been using them ever since and they’ve really changed my life for good. I cant thank them enough.

          • Thanks madam Rebecca. In all honesty, should I give it a try, what if it didn’t come cos I’m kinda scared o…av lost so much to some fake online scammers who claim to be real. In fact, I’m gonna borrow to try. You think I should go ahead?

          • Yes kaka, i could bet a top dollar on them they are really good at what they do you can use them.

  162. I received my transfer, just cashed out I swear you guys are the best, you’ve just got a loyal customer, more business all the way bruh

    • I just did my first order yesterday. Since it’s the weekend they said it will be confirmed Monday morning. Hopefully all goes well.

  163. I am from united states, I got $35,000 transferred to my business account in Dubai, I received my transfer the next day after payment, what is your maximum transfer limit, I need to place higher amounts.

    • Hello, I am from Switzerland I am in desperate need of money to revive my business and also set up branches as well I am considering using their service I just want to know if everything went well with your transfer without any hiccups ?? your reply would be appreciated.

      • Yes Luca, everything went well without hiccups, I’ve been dealing with them for a long time and they always deliver unlike some scammers pretending to be offering such services.

          • Hi guys please assist im in south africa where to pay money ive been sending mails no reply I just need $5000 for starters please help i need money please

    • hello anonumous am in dubai now how can i get money please tell me process

    • hello boss i need help please am trying many hacker but they are collect my money and run away am loose 2000$ still

  164. Just coming our from the bank after cashing out money transferred to my account.

  165. I actually watched a news on TV about hackers hacking bank account and transferred million, I was surprised about it, I took my smartphone and saw this site through google when I searched ”bank account hacking software” I actually had my doubts about this but I decided to try their service anyway, I placed an order of $10,000 for $1,050 and got my transfer same day in my Wells Fargo bank account here in the states…. this is a cool means of getting richer. Thanks to you guys, I will place a new order by next week.

      • Please I need money. And I wanna learn how to make money online too moreover how to hacked. Please kindly reply me on time

    • Yeah same here, though i was surfing the net when I searched for ”bank hack add unlimited money software” I bumped into and I contacted them for $4000 which I paid $450 coz it was my first time I was surprised my account was credited with $3870.
      I was so happy and requested for larger amount so far they’ve been coming through sometimes delays comes in but I get to receive it afterwards. new clients can reach me on [email protected]

  166. I went to the bank to check up something when I over heard a customer shouting in anger to the bank manager about his funds in his account and the manager told him that hackers hacked his account and transferred millions and they thought he was the one that authorized the online transfer and no trace about it, I was like WTF, how is this gonna be possible and I took my smart phone and bumped into this site through google, I contacted them about their service, though initially I was skeptical about it but I was assured everything is fine and their won’t be any hiccups so I place an order of $4,000 for $450 and it happened like a surprise after making payment to them 3 hours later my BOA account was credited with thousands of dollars, am so happy coz I just got a means of getting rich through this.

        • I used them and orderd for $5000 which i pay $750 and i got my transfer few haurs later, I’ve been usin them since march till date they are really awesome

          • Hi phalguni, please be sincere and honest to me, am scared of being scammed. You’ve been using them since March till date, right? How have you coped with the security challenges from security of bank and economy and how original are they? Please kindly answer cos I’m interested, but still washing.

          • They are best at what they do and no security issues since then

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