6 Steps to Building a 6 Figure Business

There’s been a lot of hype these days about 6-figures. Building a 6-figure business, being a 6-figure coach, etc. I get it. I couldn’t wait for the day I hit this milestone in my business. To me it signified earning more then I did in my corporate job. It also meant I knew I was right to believe in myself. To prove I could do it and deserved it.

It took me awhile though, over 5 years to be honest. Today, I am going to share with you how you can hit this milestone in your business quickly. It only took me 10-months to go from earning barely $11,000.00 a year to hitting 6-figures. You can do it too.

Here are the six steps that will enable you to reach 6-figures in your business quickly:

  1. Raise your rates. So many entrepreneurs are not charging what they’re worth. Move from a charging-by-the-hour model to a charging-by-the-results model. What results and benefits does your ideal client receive as a result of working with you? What is that worth to them? For a lot of you this is priceless. I encourage you to raise your rates. Of course it’s important to make sure you do provide enough value. If you checked in on what results your clients receive, and it’s more then what you’re charging, go ahead and raise your rates.
  2. Make sales calls! I took a lot of programs and worked with a lot of coaches, and not one person emphasized just how important this is. Sales is the blood of all businesses. Take a course if you need training and make time for this every day in your schedule.
  3. Own what you do. You are an expert. Low self-worth is a huge contributing factor to why business owners don’t generate the income and create the lifestyle they desire. Write a list of why you are an expert. What is your training, background and experience? Look at your current testimonials and what you have helped your clients with. Then own it! You are good enough, smart enough and deserving enough to create a lot of income in your business. Notice what comes up when you put yourself out there when making sales calls too. This will likely need shifting on a deeper level.
  4. Sponsor and speak at events where your ideal client is hanging out. This is the fastest way to put you in front of your ideal client. If they are paying to attend, this means they are also “qualified”. They are qualified as a buyer – someone willing to spend money on themselves. Spending money to be there also means they are invested in their future.
  5. Get help. One of the biggest contributing factors to my success was hiring the support to help me get there. I hired an online business manager, and a housekeeper to regularly clean the house and do laundry. The reality is we can’t do it all and will burn ourselves out trying. By hiring support, we are freeing ourselves up to do what we need to do to grow our businesses and to also do more of what we love. Doing more of what we love helps us raise our vibration and see all of the opportunities there for us now.
  6. Just get moving! Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Put yourself out there, take risks! You can’t help more people if you don’t.

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