8 Keys To Making People Love Your Brand

Take any three legendary songs of all time, equally renowned as immortal creations. While all three may be equally perfect musically and lyrically, there’s a chance that you love one of them much more than other two. Or maybe you love two of them, because the third one, despite all the greatness, doesn’t evoke any feelings within you. Same is with brands and customers.

Emotion is an important criterion of brand loyalty – just look at all the loyal Apple fanboys and fangirls. If people love your brand, they will return for further purchases, recommend you to their friends, and follow you on social networks. If people don’t feel anything about you, they won’t care whether to return to you for the next purchase or make it elsewhere.

Making people love you isn’t just about offering them perfect products or services. You have to become that one special ‘song’ for them, which will help you surpass the strongest competitors. Let’s see how it can be done.

1. Look Your Best On The Web

More than 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors, so it’s a must to always look perfect. 46% of us say that the appearance of a website plays a crucial role in making the right (or wrong) impression abound the brand. Color increases brand recognition by 80%, so take advantage of being catchy. Don’t be hesitant to make changes for better in the way your app/website looks – and very often it means more convenient navigation for your users and visitors, and of course, fresh content.

2. Generate Immaculate Content

Content engages people, and this is one of the top 3 reasons why they follow you on social networks, share your posts and return for new ones. 60% of us start feeling better about the brand after reading content on a website, and 70% would definitely prefer to get acquainted with a brand through a blog article rather than through ads. Blogging activities averagely bring 67% more leads per month to B2B companies. Now think how much money companies without blogs might be losing.

3. Emphasize Quality

Define your level of quality and make it only grow. In the end, it’s not your website and your blog that customers need in the first place, it’s the actual product or the actual service. Always remain consistent in providing and retaining quality across everywhere you reach. If this quality is combined with a relatively low price, that’s even better for you.

4. Speak Perfect Clientish

If you know what your clients want, you’ll be able to increase the value of your tool for solving their problems. If your clients feel understanding, they won’t have to go elsewhere and will be more likely to return. Therefore you need your friendly and attentive customer service, which doesn’t keep clients waiting. 73% of customers love a brand owing to friendly customer service, while 89% refused the brand because of bad customer service experience. 55% would even pay more for better experience. Always keep increasing the value of what you offer to the eyes of the customers. Pleased customers are the best source of positive feedback and testimonials, which can increase your sales by over 250%.

5. Be There Whenever You Are Needed

People love it when they get what they need quickly and without efforts. Your customers love it when you are able to respond wherever you are needed. Any problem that may arise 24/7, should have the chance of being solved quickly.

6. Always Do More Than You Promise

What can be better than a pleasant surprise? This factor greatly increases positive experience and more purchases, and 3 out of 4 surveyed customers approved that. Sometimes you don’t have to do more, but rather do it faster than expected, which isn’t bad either.

7. Value Negative Feedback

For 1 expressed complaint about your products/services there are 26 other displeased customers who did not care to leave a negative review. It can take years of efforts to make a product the universally known essence of style. The sooner you see everything that’s wrong with it, the faster you fix it. When it comes to software, fixing (and maintenance in general) will become a vital part of having real product quality behind your marketing efforts, which will surely say you are the best.

8. Awake Emotions

The last point brings us back to the beginning of the article where we said about emotion as a driving factor of purchases. It’s done through everything we listed above, especially your content and communication with customers. Don’t accentuate the features of your software product – accentuate the value they deliver. This made Apple keynotes led by Steve Jobs so spectacular: simple functions, such as a music player or a default photo app, looked so good you just couldn’t resist wanting a new iPhone or iPad so bad. If you love a brand but don’t actually know why (aside from general statements like high quality) – this is it.

Have these eight keys always in your pocket and unlock people’s affection for your brand. Give your customers a reason to come back, be it for a purchase, the next article on your blog, or a conversation on some common project. Regardless of the sphere your business is in, you can follow these simple instructions in everyday work, and the fact is that they help, and help best when combined. Invent something unique that people will identify with your brand. Be like no other, and be there when no one else is.

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