Architects Insurance – Getting it Right

Architecture is a highly skilled and well respected career, and here in the UK it can only be practiced by those who have studied for a number of years at university obtaining a degree. After university, work experience is gained in a qualified architect’s office, usually for about a year, before the student goes on to complete a post graduate course.

Following this, more experience is needed before an examination in professional practice and management. It is easy to understand why architects have to have a passion for their work, the skill and understanding involved is not to be underestimated. In Britain, the architectural profession is supported by RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, who have 40,500 members worldwide.

Like many other professionals who occupy positions of great responsibility, architects should have some sort of indemnity insurance cover. It is advisable to approach expert brokers to find the best architects insurance, as specialist experience can make the difference between comprehensive cover and inadequate cover.

All over the world are examples of great architects, as many well designed and attractive buildings and structures stand the test of time. One very well known British architect, Thomas Telford (1757 – 1834) was responsible for some of the most well known roads, bridges and canals.

His fame was such that a town, built in the Wrekin area of Shropshire in the 1960s, was named Telford New Town in his honour. His name has also been lent to a top performing school, as well as a college in Glasgow. Telford is an example of how important to society architects are, and he lived quite recently – the skill has been necessary for centuries.

Technological advances have had an impact on the planning and designing of buildings, and it is necessary for modern architects to understand the ever changing tools at their disposal. Despite this, the architect must still make crucial decisions, and the success of a build will rest in their hands. After many years of training and experience, the majority of architects feel comfortable both at the drawing board stage of design, and the construction site supervision aspect.

Making your name as a skilled and talented architect can be challenging and exciting, but it can also be very stressful. Architects insurance can help to reassure both the architectural team and those who are employing them that they are covered in case of certain issues. RIBA can provide lists of approved companies and individuals to those looking for a good architect, which can offer further peace of mind. Care should be taken, as with any cover, to ensure that architects insurance is suitable for the task in hand.

It cannot be stressed enough how important correct architects insurance is, both for employers, architects and building owners.

Being an architect is an amazing career for those with the skills and dedication. Those who want to leave their mark on a town, city or rural location can achieve this dream, and some may even turn out to be as famous and Thomas Telford!

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