Are Company Picnics a Waste of Money?

If you run a business and have a large workforce, you may have heard that company picnics are growing in popularity, It is a trend that has grown in recent years an d is now one of the most popular methods of motivating and thanking a workforce.

Don’t forget, your workers spend a large percentage of their lives and time within your premises, working for you. And while they are paid for this time and effort, it has been proven to be far more productive when a workforce is motivated and happy at their work. One of the best ways to motivate and thank a hard working team is to throw them a party.

Businesses, and corporations are increasingly using the services of an event management company to help them give their workforce special events like company picnics, barbecues and parties. A company picnic, for example, is a wonderful way to give your team the chance to relax, mingle and introduce their families to work colleagues and friends.

Companies that give their workers treats like this are known to have much higher levels of loyalty amongst their staff. They also tend to record higher levels of productivity, less sick days and far more internal growth, development and promotion, because people stay with the company for longer and devote their careers to one organisation.

You may be thinking, surely a party can’t do all that? But it is true. Being sociable, friendly and giving always does, and has been proven to result in rewards. If you are good to people they will be good in return. In many companies, the working day can be highly stressful land busy. The chance to let their hair down, relax, and be made to feel special and valued is vital to the continued success of the company and to the continued hard work of the entire team.

If you are considering a corporate event for your workforce, consider working with a professional event management company to help you throw the company picnic that your workers will never forget. You will see the results almost instantly and there is no doubt that it will be money well spent.

A happy company is a successful company, many business analysts have been writing about this fact for decades and very few successful companies would say otherwise. In fact, if you ask some of the world’s most successful companies, you will find they are regularly ensuring that their workforce receives the treats and parties they so richly deserve.

If you are a business owner, start organising your own company picnic or party for your team now. Go online and find the best local event organiser to help you. They will know the best venues, entertainers and food service providers to help your event be the best ever. One that your ensure team will never forget and will always be grateful for. By motivating your team and giving in a generous and caring way, you will reap the rewards and so will your business and all your employees.

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