Contingencies to Plan For in Delivery Work

However much everyone may try to avoid it, human error will always be part and parcel of everyday life. As fallible beings, humans are prone to making more or less serious mistakes on the course of any given activity or endeavour they may attempt. This is why it is so important to account for and plan against the eventuality of error, especially in situations relating to one’s professional life.

Of course, in certain fields, this is easier said than done. Some jobs require a far higher degree of precision than others, and are as such much more susceptible to involuntary errors. One such field is transportation, which is why anyone involved in the field of delivery work should, in the course of their daily life, take the time to plan for the many eventualities they are likely to encounter on the course of the job. Below are just a few of the mishaps a delivery work professional may come across in the course of their job.


Anyone who takes on delivery work – in truth, anyone who has ever planned a journey – knows ‘estimated times’ can go very awry. While a one-hour journey will never be done in 15 minutes, the reverse can very often be true, and the main culprit of this is a well-known phenomenon for residents of the city – traffic congestion. At certain times of day, or because of certain circumstances (such as road works or accidents), traffic in some areas tends to slow to a grinding halt. Delivery drivers need to be mindful of this when planning jobs during rush hour, as well as keep an eye out for potential road works or other disturbances in the areas they are travelling through. Just because Google maps tells you you’ll get there in half an hour, it does not necessarily mean that will be the case.


Another unfortunate contingency a driver doing delivery work might experience when getting to a job is a vehicle breakdown. While most fleets do keep their vehicles inspected and up-to-date, it is always possible to encounter an unforeseen mechanical malfunction. This type of occurrence will, of course, severely delay the service, regardless of how fast assistance arrives, so it is something that should be factored in when setting forth on a journey. Double-checking never hurt anyone, and in this scenario it can be a neck-saver!

Wrong Addresses

Finally, it is perfectly possible for drivers to end up at the wrong address. Plenty of roads in Britain have similar names, often in adjacent villages or towns; as such, it is not that far-fetched that driver might end up in one Primrose Drive instead of another. This, of course, can also cause huge delays, and is yet another situation where double-checking is paramount. Prevention is definitely quicker and less costly than cure in the case of transportation.

Even when taking the utmost care to ensure nothing goes wrong, a transportation job can never be completely devoid of potential mishaps. It is up to the individual driver to take responsibility and the necessary precautions to ensure they do not disrupt their service any more than necessary.

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