Different Types of Monthly Insurance

People have varying reactions to the word insurance. Some are allergic to the word simply because it is associated with extra costs. Monthly insurance premiums reduce the monthly family budget. On the other hand, some see it as having a sturdy golf umbrella when it rains, giving the insured some protection against huge unexpected expenses brought about by unexpected events. As there are different types of insurances, some of the important things to consider are income, the nature of job and lifestyle. It is also important to know what they are so that one may be able to arrive at a well-informed decision before finally saying yes or no.

Let us start with Health Insurance and Life Insurance, as they are usually the first that come to mind. Employers usually provide Health Insurance. If it is not available at work, you can also choose to buy one for yourself since it is one the most useful amongst the several types of insurance.

Health insurance coverage will let you go see your doctor even when you do not have cash. It will also partially or fully cover any other medical expenses from treatments. Life Insurance gives lump sum amounts to the insured or the beneficiaries in cases of terminal sickness or death. It is therefore wiser to buy life insurance for whoever earns most in the family rather than the children.

Homeowners Insurance, also called home insurance or hazard insurance, is insurance for the home of the insured. The most basic type will cover the property against damages caused by natural disasters; but if one chooses, the contents of the home may also be insured for a corresponding increase in the premium. Just like the other forms of insurance, the policy holder may choose to make annual, semi annual or monthly insurance payments. There is also an option for liability insurances to cover for accidents that may occur in the home.

Unlike the other types of insurance, which are usually purchased only when one has extra money coming in, Auto Insurance, for most states, is a requirement. There are states that will not release license plates unless the owner has purchased the minimum insurance as required by the state law. Auto insurance will protect the car owner from damage on his vehicle and also ensures that any damage done on the property of another person which is deemed to be the responsibility of the insured, is covered.

There are also other not so popular types of insurance. Appliance Protection, Crop Insurance, Mortgage Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance or Professional Indemnity Insurance are just a few. No matter what type of insurance you have, the important thing to remember is to keep monthly insurance payments up to date. Otherwise, previous payments will be forfeited and any claim will be declined.

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