Don’t Become Another Cyber Threat Victim!

Since the birth of the Internet there has been a leap forward in the way that businesses are able to reach their target audience. This leap has revolutionized the way in which companies are formed and also how they trade. Business’s are now spending thousands of pounds on marketing, managing and maintaining their ‘e-business’. In thousands of cases this has become their sole means of income, making their viability dependent upon websites sales.

It’s only fitting that online business should be able to insure this business should something happen to it. Website insurance in a cyber threat insurance policy offering you and your visitors insurance against becoming another victim. It’s never been so important that you ensure you are fully insured should something happen to your online business. Most ISP and other service providers do all they can to keep their firewalls and security setting to the absolute maximum. However hackers and other cyber threats often sneak through and effect a small number of websites before the hack can be detected and the threat blocked. In this time your website could have been one of the unlucky ones that have been another victim.

Less than 6% of online business has any form of e business insurance. This is a scary figure based on the amount of cyber threats that occur year on year. Cyber threats are increasing and more business should start to address this growing problem. I would recommend that businesses that trade online review their website security every 6 months and have a plan of action should something untoward happen to their website.

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