Don’t Let the Pool Go Green

Balance to me means that everything is running “perfectly” at home and work. Where there is plenty of time to run your business, spend time with your family, and take care of yourself. Don’t get me wrong; it can be that way, but usually isn’t realistic. Life can throw us a lot of curve balls. Just when we have a system set-up for our household, someone might get sick and throw the whole thing off. Things could be flowing in our business until we get super busy with a new project, which leaves us scrambling for time. Something has to give. I like to refer to as, “don’t let the pool go green”. As long as we can maintain the other areas in our lives when one area is off, without things going totally off the rails, it’s good enough. It’s real life. Striving for perfection only causes stress anyway. I am a recovering perfectionist and I can tell you that deep down I was looking for approval. That is what perfection is usually about. Do some digging there if that’s showing-up for you.

So how can we have a more peaceful existence while we navigate both life and business. Here are a few tips to help you with this. It is still a work in progress for me too, but these tips have definitely helped me change things drastically.

  1. Dig out the perfection. I mentioned it above, but this one really is big. Take the time to think about whose approval you are looking for. It’s usually the first name / person who enters your mind. Realize this dates back to your childhood years, and it’s time to let go. You no longer need anyone’s approval. You are safe and loved by a power bigger then you. That is all that matters. Until you address this, you won’t be able to cut yourself a break. Meaning you will always have unrealistic expectations of yourself.
  2. Put systems in place at home and work. Think about what would help you the most at home. Maybe it’s choosing set nights for laundry and housework – I do recommend you hire help with the housework a.s.a.p. though, unless of course it’s something you love to do! Take the time to get organized at work too. Again hiring an assistant is something I recommend right away as well. You can pay someone to do something that will take them less time, where you’re paying them less then your hourly rate. You can use this saved time to grow your business. You will be more organized and therefore less stressed.
  3. Learn to roll wit it. Life is going to happen and it’s all in how you perceive it. You can choose to react or respond. This does take practice, but when you learn to respond and roll with the punches, you will have a much more peaceful life.
  4. Have a plan for when your kids get sick. This has thrown me off a few times business wise. Either have someone in place who you can help you during these times, or know that it means you will be taking the day off or working a partial day. Do what works for you, but decide in advance so you aren’t thrown off when the time comes.
  5. Know that’s something has to go when you’re super busy in one area. This past week has been a little nuts for us with preparing to move and finding a new home. My exercise routine is what suffered. I knew I would be back at it soon so I didn’t stress too much. That being said, once I went I felt so much better and it really helped with the stress that comes with a move. That brings me to #6.
  6. Stick to your success routine even when you’re busy. It’s always the first to go, and it is really the most important. It’s what will keep you grounded and help you manage the stress. Maybe you can’t do all of it, but try to do at least some. It will be your saving grace.
  7. Be grateful. There’s a lot of talk about this these days, but it really is huge. Take a few seconds to breathe and think about all that you have and are. This will help shift your perspective and therefore your energy. You will be much more at peace. Remember that phrase? Stay calm in the eye of the storm? That is what it’s all about.

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