Employment Working Insurance Fraud Investigator Jobs

Maintaining a full time career working Insurance Fraud Investigator Jobs is not easy. It is a job that involves tracking down scam artists who are trying to steal from businesses, the government and anyone else in their path. Although the work itself may mean having to work long hours and deal with high stress situations, being a certified insurance fraud investigator serves as a very rewarding career for those who take fighting crime seriously.

With the rising numbers of fraud related crimes in the insurance industry, there seems to be an over load of work for those employed in the field. This is creating an influx of new fraud investigation employment vacancies with many lining up to fill the positions. We can see this in many areas of insurance related fraud such as:

– Workers Compensation Fraud: Involving those who make false work related injury claims and try to collect pay outs. Faking a back injury is one of the most common examples where those faking are unaware that they are under surveillance, being filmed lifting heavy items when claiming they are unable to work because of their injured back.

– Arson Ins. Fraud: This job, made popular through movies, involves investigating and determining the cause of fires. Many times fires are set purposely in order to receive insurance claim pay outs for damages.

– Automobile Ins. Fraud: There are many insurance fraud cases involving drivers claiming damages not caused by initial accidents. As well, staged accidents in order to claim auto insurance pay outs are very common.

– Life Ins. Fraud: Unfortunately, there is a high number of homicide cases centered around life insurance claims. It is up to the skilled fraud investigator to solve the case and bring the con artist to justice.

The world of insurance investigation remains a vital component for many businesses within the insurance industry. The amounts lost due to this form of fraud is in the billions of dollars. Without the vast number of individuals working insurance investigator jobs, most outfits would have to close their doors due to the overwhelming losses. It is sad that we live in a world where people think they can get a free ride. However, for those caught committing these crimes, the free ride turns into a free jail cell.

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