How Are You Showing-Up?

I was out of the office earlier this week learning from my mentor in Hilton Head. It was a gorgeous setting for transformation. One of the lessons that really stood out for me was commitment. How we show-up in the world reflects every single thing we do. It’s about making that commitment to fully show-up. Let’s see how committed you are…

Let’s first define commitment. Per the Internet, the definition of commitment is: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

I invite you to look at what your reasons are for not following through with your commitments. You need to realize that your subconscious is going to try to show you every excuse in the book to derail you, to throw you off track. It will literally try to convince you why you should not grow and change, and show you really good reasons, like getting sick.

This may show-up by way of another program to sign-up for, or one more thing you need to do on your website before you can fully get out here and do what you need to do. This is taking you away from your commitment to growing your business, even though it appears to be the solution. It is sneaky. You must stay laser focused on the tasks you need to do. Getting sidetracked is just one way of sabotaging yourself.

It may show-up by way of a value conflict. Maybe your kids are sick or a friend needs you. Sure life throws us curve balls every now then, but if this is happening to you frequently, it’s not a curve ball and it’s something you’re creating. When you start to analyze where you stop and throw in the towel, you can start to see where your commitment is wavering.

For a lot of business owners, this happens when they’re tired. They will use it as an excuse to stop doing what they need to do. I used to do this all of the time. If I didn’t get a good night sleep, I would pretty much write off the next day. When I realized I was doing this, I was able to tell myself on those mornings I had low energy, that sure I was tired, but I was still going to have a productive day – and I would. Low and behold that issue started to disappear.

A way to prevent stopping when you’re tired is to schedule in down time. Getting enough sleep is important to maintaining a clear and positive mind. Taking care of yourself is the key. You will find you will have a lot more energy when you’re eating healthy, exercising and sleeping enough. You will have more energy to put towards growing your business and carrying out your bigger mission. And when you do get off track, like coming down with a cold, not letting it deter you from your bigger mission. Otherwise, guess what? If you keep giving in, your subconscious will try to put you in a position where you’re creating sickness in your life so that you will stop.

So I ask you, how committed to growing your business are you? Are you willing to honour and fulfill your commitments no matter what? To show-up fully for each and every task/activity/event you have decided on? When you honour your commitments things around you will start to shift. You will be taken more seriously, and people will want to do business with you.

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