Ideas and Solutions to Stop Shoplifting

Shoplifting is on the rise and has become a major concern for almost every retail business owner. Cheap security systems often fail to perform and the most expensive ones are either too expensive, complicated to use or not easy to install especially in smaller retail sites. However, this should not be the reason to ignore the importance of Anti-Shoplifting systems and methods, because it will directly affect your profits. There are many ways to prevent this problem and ensure complete safety of your stock. From creating awareness to installing detectors and other devices, there are many options to choose from.

Installed Solutions for Shoplifting

Problems with shoplifting, white collar crime, vandalism, employee theft and corporate fraud are serious problems that can put you out of business. Therefore, it is very important to deal with these profit killers in a systematic way and rid your business of bad clientele and employees. There are quite a few popular online companies that offer installed technologies for preventing employee theft, shoplifting and other loss issues. These include checkpoint security systems that identify Checkpoint Labels of products that are taken out without making payment, burglar and fire alarm systems and camera surveillance systems. You can choose a system depending upon the size and type business you own.

Checkpoint Security Solution

Checkpoint security systems are one of the most common types of installed solutions used by retailers. It is an electronic article security system which is generally installed at entry and exit points. The antennas in the device pick up signals from Checkpoint Labels or security tags on the products. The labels are generally taken off by the cashier using a device once the products are billed. However, if a shopper attempts to take a labeled product out of the store, the checkpoint system will pick up the signals and sound an alarm as soon as the shopper passes through the system, indicating a theft.

Important Factors to Consider

Keep in mind the following factors when choosing installed solutions to prevent shoplifting. Decide the kind of technology you want depending upon the past record of theft in your business. Determine the features you want in your new Anti-Shoplifting systems. Consider the installation requirements and the need for additional devices. For example, if you are choosing a CCTV system, then you will need TV screens at strategic locations inside the shop.

Consider whether there are finance options for your new purchases. Take into account whether you or your staff requires additional training to manage the systems.

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