Individual Savings Account Picks for the Season

People usually get time till 5 April (end of tax year) every year to do savings in ISA to earn interest which is tax free, on the money they save. As the deadlines come nearer, the banks as well as many building societies try to offer higher paying ISAs in order to attract the investors.

Investors have a choice of investing their funds in shares & stocks ISA or the cash Individual Savings Account. If you have already invested in the ISA but would like to shift to some other provider to take benefit of high rate of interest being offered to you and earn some extra bucks before tax year ends, then you have ample time for that, but you must plan now to gain better.

Shares and Stock picks for the Individual Savings Account

If you have any interest in structured plan of 5 year duration, then you have Structured Products from the Investec, offering you a 62.5 % on maturity of its FTSE 100 Geared returns plan Individual Savings Account, however there is no guarantee for the returns and your capital can be at risk.

If you are interested in taking some risk but would not be interested in tying for long duration, then 5 year FTSE 100 Enhanced Kick Out plan ISA from Investec which gives an interest of 9.25 % each year which is fixed with a scope of Kick Out after a year.

Cash Picks for Individual Savings Account

If you are interested in making investment in Cash ISA, then there is a 5 year capital protected deposit scheme of Investec which gives you an annual return of 4.75 % ( monthly 0.38 %) and can even be used for cash ISA transfer.

In the meantime, ING Direct has a Cash ISA which gives you guaranteed 2.50 % per annum. The Natwest offers you a E cash ISA (for customers only), giving you a return of 2.50 percent.

Transfer Picks for ISA

If you have already made investment in ISA but would like to transfer to a better yielding account, then you can go for UBS 5 year structured FTSE Income Plan which is offering 6.50 % interest rate, and is available to you as transfer ISA and shares & stocks ISA.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has a fixed rate cash ISA for three year duration which gives you 4 % returns each year and is available as cash ISA transfer or cash ISA.

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