Investing the Wise Way

Many desired to invest their money, talent or time. The essence of investment is to create wealth in return. How many have truly created this wealth they long for? Some have lost while others have won. There are many factors that made the losers loose and winners win. These factors are listed below but not limited to:

1. Lack of vision. ‘my people are destroyed for lack of vision’. Vision is having an insight of what you want to do or achieve. Many have invested thoughtlessly and the consequence was lose. Vision enables you to set a target/goal, set out steps to achieve it.

2. Lack of information. Many have lost their investment because they invested without proper understanding of the investment. For instance I made an investment in the stock market so years back because I felt that it was OK without consulting a stock broker. As I am writing this article now, the shares have fallen so bad that I cannot think of selling it. If I do I will loose all the investment. Therefore before any investment, consult a specialist for proper and adequate guidance.

3. Inadequate planning. There is a saying that ‘he that failed to plan has planned to fail’. It is of utmost important that before embarking on any investment at all, adequate planning is necessary. Planning involves but not limited to: checking over every step that ought to be followed; placing the right people to the right position; knowing the amount of resources for the investment.

Factors to consider before making any investment

There are some factors to consider before carrying out any investment. These are but not limited to:

1. Type of investment: There are two major type of investment namely active and passive investment. Active investments require the active participation of the investor. Examples of active investment are forex trading, production, construction etc. These investments require at least 80% of the investors time. While passive investment is those investments that do not require active participation of the investor. These include but not limited to bonds, stock market etc. the investor does participate in the day to day running of the investment.

2. Location of investment.

3. Government policies.

4. Securities of the investment.

No matter the kind of investment to embark on adequate knowledge is very essential.

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