Is Your Organization Aligned for Growth and Success?

In this new ever more competitive economy, business must be aligned to grow and be successful. Aligned in the way business is conducted, in what clients it serves, in the process used to serve clients, in business priorities. Aligned from market identification (marketing and niche identification), to sales, to operations, to delivery of product or service, to receiving and processing payments and after sales service.

When using this roughly described universal business process, most of us see misalignment in every organization we encounter every day. These misalignments are wasting 25% to 55% of the revenues for small and medium businesses plus causing a loss of 20% to 300% of their sales revenues. These costs show up:

  1. Low ROI on marketing efforts and expenses,
  2. Lost sales,
  3. Lost clients,
  4. Wasted resources, material and efforts.

This is especially true for small and medium enterprises with less resource to “waste”. Imagine you could align your organization and conquer your market of choice, what would you do? What is it worth for you?

There is a method and a process to re-align business, it is called organizational coaching. Well-structured Organizational coaching programs will work with the complete organization to align:

  1. Business process (from lead generation to cashing check from happy clients),
  2. People training, communication, teamwork, cooperation and work requirements
  3. Information required supporting and guiding better decision-making at every level of the organization. To provide individuals and teams with information on their own contribution to the team and business success.
  4. All of this based on organization’s leadership style; a key element of organizational culture.

The result brings the organization to:

  1. Over achieve on sales, revenues and profits,
  2. Work as ONE team, eliminate silos and destructive inter-department competition,
  3. Learn and improve what it does and how it does it every day and every week, through use of clear learning cycle that involves everyone,
  4. Better communicate with clients and internally,
  5. Focus efforts on what is really important, THE CLIENT, who brings revenues to everyone as they do business with the organization,
  6. Innovate and improve in all aspects of business
  7. Conquer markets and GROW business, instead of being afraid of others invading their markets.

Organizational coaching builds on the knowledge and experience of every member of the organization, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to identify the gaps that prevent the realization of its leaders dream success. It provides leaders and their teams the means to re-define and innovate in their market, their business strategies, their business process, etc. Then organizational coaching provides the tools to ensure and maintain alignment of people, processes and information so they join together to create a platform from which to reach the most ambitious objectives for everyone to benefit.

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