Labeling and Storing Supplies and Products Efficiently

Few things waste more time and money than not having a good control over your inventory. If you do not know what supplies and products you possess, you squander time looking for items and you throw away money by buying things you already own.

Take the time to streamline your business by labeling your inventory properly, so that you can make the best use of your supplies. The immediate benefit of getting organized is that it gives you an advantage over your competitors. If you reduce how much it costs you to use a product, you will realize a greater profit.

Conduct a thorough review of all of your materials. This may seem like a tedious task, but it is an invaluable way of learning what you have, assessing the general condition of the items, and figuring out what you need. Every type of business can get something out of this activity.

Any type of supply that you use to conduct business is worth categorizing. You may need to store office supplies, such as, paper products, printer ink, pens, tape and digital media. Additionally, you may need to store items that you distribute to customers, such as brochures or samples. The goal of an efficient storage system is to be able to put your hand on any paper, product or supply that you need to complete a sale with ease.

Obviously, it is important to use the right form, product or supply for every task. If one of your customer service representatives fills out the wrong form to document a customer complaint, the information may be lost which prevents you from following up on the incident.

In turn, you risk losing the customer along with your company’s credibility. These kinds of missteps are more likely to happen if you do not label your supplies clearly. By using magnetic label holders on metal shelves, you can lay out the forms your staff needs where they can grab them quickly. You will make fewer mistakes while getting more work done faster.

One of the key ways to become more competitive is to be able to adapt quickly to changing conditions. If you have a seasonal business, it makes sense to keep the items for the current season where they are easy to access.

Whether you are using different forms to interact with different contractors or if you have a separate line of products that you keep in storage lockers, moving magnetic label holders to a different location is a simple process.

Going beyond performing business tasks, good organization can help you maintain a smooth running office. While satisfying your daily coffee fix may not make the difference between winning or losing a sale, placing your coffee supplies in canisters with magnetic label holders, keeps the items fresh, clean and convenient to use.

If you don’t keep stirrers, sugar, creamers and coffee grounds where you need it and in a condition that you will want to use it, you will probably just end up buying expensive coffee from a local shop and lose any cost-saving by having an in-house supply. Use every opportunity to label items and store them efficiently to create a productive and profitable environment.

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