Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance – Your Safer Cover!

What happens in case you are suddenly made redundant due to a loss of job or illness? You may be unable to make your mortgage payments, pay off credit card bills, grocery bills and find it difficult to lead a normal life. You may be unable to meet your basic financial needs. Are you stressed out? Don’t worry, you have a protective cover known as mortgage payment insurance.

Your basic insurance cover for income protection will cover you for:

o Mortgage

o Household bills

o Rent

o Credit card payments

o Loan payments

With a mortgage payment protection you will no more be in a dicey situation if you were to lose your job. Due to recession, sudden loss of job has become a common occurrence and there is no security of job. It is evident that more and more people have started to enrol for income protection insurance. Safeguard your monthly income flow, be it accident, illness or a sudden loss of job. Your mortgage payments, rental bills, loan payments, house hold bills, credit card payments, grocery bills etc will be covered by income protection insurance.

Some loan lenders will offer a combination of loan and loan protection in one. This helps a loan borrower to stay relaxed in case of a financial crisis. If he is unable to pay back the loan amount on time due to some unavoidable circumstances, his loan protection insurance will take care of the loan payments. Such income protection if taken on time it will not only protect your monthly payments such as loan payments, credit card bills etc but also safeguard your collateral too. You don’t have to lose your home for non payment of secured loans, loan protection cover will do the needful.

To avoid after effects of losing a job one has to make sure he has a protective insurance cover in place. If you are a sole bread winner of your house and you lose a job, think of your dependents at home. By having a protective cover you are safeguarding your dependent’s lives too. You need not lose your home which is offered as a security.

You can find discounts on your insurance policy if you reach out to your existing insurance provider. He may be willing to add another insurance cover for a lesser insurance premium. With an uncertain job market, redundancy is bound to occur. Take a wise move and protect your mortgage payments!

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