Should You Buy a Designer Bag As an Investment?

Many people shy away from buying a designer bag as they feel it is only for the rich. After all, with luxury bags being priced as high as three thousand dollars or more, why should you spend so much money? There are a number of reasons to use a famous brand name, collector handbag as an investment.

Let’s look at it this way. The price of designer bags has gone higher and higher and if you are a good investor, you would know that you can invest in a luxury handbag. A top brand name designer bag can actually give you amazing returns in the long run. People who collect luxury bags can see the value increasing very rapidly.

In fact, if you want to go by the statistics, here is one for you. A Hermes Birkin red crocodile skin purse, that had white gold and diamond hardware on it, was sold for a whopping US$203,150 recently. In fact, the expectations were just US$80,000. If you think this is the only instance of a handbag bringing amazing sums of money, you are wrong. Many collector handbags have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Here is what happens. If you buy a handbag and do not use it or rarely use it, the value increases with time. In the above case, if you walked into Hermes today, you wouldn’t get the exact bag. The bag stands for exclusivity as no one else has the same bag. The rich love to have exquisite and exclusive things including handbags.

Designer houses have increased the prices of handbags by nearly ten percent per annum. That means the handbag you get for just a thousand dollars today will cost a lot more ten years down the line. What’s more, if you buy the right handbag, it can be a rare collector’s bag since no one else will have it. Bags that transcend age and fashion trends are the ones to buy as investments.

When you buy a handbag for investment purposes, go for the brand name, the materials and the exclusivity. Buy bags from designer houses like Hermes and Ives Saint Laurent. Focus on the brand name, design and material. Try to envision if the bag will increase in value ten years from now. Focus on dark colors as they are easier to clean and there is no worry about them staining. Investing in a truly timeless piece and you will get an amazing return on the handbag in the future years.

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