Spiritual Intelligence Can Help Your Business Thrive

In the day and age we live in today, there is an entrepreneurial wave that is sweeping across the entire globe. A lot of people are breaking the shackles of employment and rising up to new challenges everyday as they start up their own venture. Although it takes an immense amount of guts to throw caution to the wind and risk it all by starting one’s own venture, a lot of people are indeed doing it today. If you too are an entrepreneur who has found your “calling” in life, let’s offer you our congratulations first up! While it’s great that you have realized that your business acumen, we are here to tell you about your spiritual intelligence that can help you enhance your business prospects even further.

You may not realize this when you are young and aspirational, but your spiritual awareness or intelligence is the vast reservoir of knowledge that you can tap within yourself. It is that voice deep within that knows the answers, to all the questions, even the ones that have been troubling you. Your intellectual awareness knows the figures and facts and can help you conduct accurate analysis, but sometimes as a business owner just relying on stark facts and figures may not give you the answers you need. Here are some examples of how your spiritual intelligence can help you make better business decisions.

Helps you look at the “big picture”

As a business owner or entrepreneur you are expected to be a visionary. But this vision will only be of relevance if you have the ability to see the big picture in what you are pursuing. It is true that your rationale and logic will help you in giving an accurate analysis of a situation, but sometimes you need to tap into the emotional quotient as well. If you have trained yourself to awaken your spiritual intelligence you will be able to look at matters more objectively, remove all biases from your thinking and will be able to make an informed decision with clarity.

Can be the source of many creative business ideas

When you are the owner of a business or hold a leadership position in your company, you are called upon to make many decisions, some of which need innovative solutions. “Thinking out of the box” is an ability that not everyone is blessed with, and those who are perhaps those who have a higher spiritual intelligence quotient. Such kind of intelligence also comes in handy while striking a business partnership with someone. You may look through his books time and again, but if you get the feeling that something is not quite “right” about your potential partner, it is your spiritual intelligence speaking to you again. You may not be able to put a finger on what is wrong really, but just knowing that there is a strong voice within that is resisting such a move is proof enough that you are in touch with your spiritual self.

Thus as you can see as business owners and leaders it is of utmost importance to be in touch with your spiritual self. Call it “gut feeling” “innovative hunch” or a “spark of brilliance” it is your spiritual awareness that you are invoking each time. Yoga and meditation and attending corporate courses can help you immensely to enhance these faculties that in turn can help you grow in your career path.

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