The Proper Ways to Invest Money

How do we as individuals handle our money? What do we buy anything we buy with our money? Does everyone of us actually spend our money the right way it should be?

Planing and professional advice before buying, or investing our money can be our number one step to using our money the proper way it should. A man or woman who plans is most likely to succeed that he / she who does things without pre-planning. As the adage goes “He who plans, plans to succeed, and he without plans has already plan to fail”. This saying is true. Any war that is pre-planned is in most case victorious than the ones that suddenly takes people unaware. Depending on you available resources, planning make you to make decisions that will create an impart on the business, and draws out a map, to follow, and also in making short and long term decisions. Good planning will help prevent you from wasting time, money and resources.

1) Investing in gold – precious metals 
The most common and traditional way to save for the future is by keeping our money in the bank and recouping very low returns after 1 to 5 years. Most of us forget the idea of investing in treasures like gold, silver and diamond. Prices of these pieces of metals go up almost every day whereas the savings in our bank account stays almost the same year in and year out. In the worst case in most scenarios we even go to the bank and lay our hands on the savings.

2) Vending Machines: 
Investing in vending machine that provides snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, and other products to consumers without the assistant of a cashier is small secret money making machine that most people running this kind of business will never want to reveal to others. Planning is paramount, because key locations where to station these machines matters a lot. Vending machines if properly managed, it is a very big and great business. The ideal locations vending machines are colleges, university campuses, mosques, churches, hospitals, shopping centres and recreation and sports arenas. With the kind of drinks sold, seasonal variations matters a lot, since cold drinks are most needed in the summer and hot in the winter and spring, knowing this simple factors can help the growth of a vending machine business.

3) Operation a transportation company in second and third countries. 
The only problem I see in this business is not having honest and reliable drivers. It requires a large capital to start with but on the long run, it is a gold-mind. There government in these countries does not provide infrastructures like public transports like buses and trains. Let do some simple maths. Let say will decided to set up a transport business using OPM (Other People’s Money) e.g. the bank. We collected $50,000 and bought 2 36 sit buses. Let use a topical example here. Let choose a nation with high population, say Nigeria. We want our buses to ply Abia state and Rivers States. We are charging N350 per passage, and the buses are making 4 trips a day.

35 passengers x N350 (naira) = N12, 250 per trip and per bus. That means 2 buses = N24, 500 per day. 
N24, 500 per day x 6 days a week = N147, 000, and a month, x 4week =N588, 000 per month. 
12 months (1 year) x N588, 000 per month = N7, 056,000 Million a year. Let’s convert that to dollars. $1 = N150, that implies that, N7, 056,000 รท N150 = $47,040 per year with 2 buses. Let’s say one starts with 6 buses, 6 x $23,520 = $141,120 per year in Africa. Not bad with a business you started with OPM (other people’s money. After 1 year, you can afford to pay back OPM and left over with the asset.

4) Other great ways to invest smart in buying of stocks and shares at loss prices and selling them whenever the price goes up. However, I do not highly recommend this kind of investments to anyone who is not well trained enough to trade professionally because of the high level of market volatility due to present global economy crisis that erupted since 2007.

It is one of the best ways to invest your money, but you must get professional hands, or you personally get the full training on managing your portfolio.

5) The last for not the list, and which I find it as the best and most simple way due to that fact that, only with a little money, anyone can get started is the internet business. Internet marketing means marketing products or services via the internet, to generate income from your own products or on commission bases, which is known as affiliate marketing. However, you must know how to do it properly, else, you will be wasting your time, money and resources. The secret thing about this industry is that, you must learn to listen and learn only from those who are already making lots of money in the industry. Many people claim to be gurus, but only handfuls are really making good money. Note that “Experience Is The Best Teacher”. The industry is still at its infantry, and there is great potential for making big and frightening amount of money.

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