The Psychology of Victims

Do not expect something for nothing. Be willing to give an equivalent value for all that you desire, and include in your plans a definite provision for doing so. – Napoleon Hill

These words from Napoleon Hill define the essence of victimization. My most sincere desire is to assist investors and consumers on how to insulate and inoculate themselves against scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics. I am not discussing avoidance as simply avoiding scams and frauds will not totally protect you.

There are numerous services and information available to identify scams and frauds. However, even with all these strong services the number of victims grows. In fact in an economy such as we face today victims are multiplying rapidly. Why is that? I believe it is due to identifiable factors in the victim psychology. No one wants to hear that they alone were the cause of them becoming a victim. That is well too painful to hear and yet it is the simple truth. All victims of scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics are personally responsible for their victimization. Sorry to be so abrupt, but I know that you need to hear this in order to truly become insulated and inoculated against all predators who seek to steal your time, money and emotional well-being.

By accepting this you can learn the psychology of victimization. The foundation that con men build upon is exactly what Napoleon Hill mentions. You open the door to becoming a victim by first allowing the thought that there is something for nothing. The easy money, the allure of that FREE thing. Everything has value and profit is only available through value. Once you have full and total acceptance of this concept you will be able to take control over the psychological triggers that are used by the scammers and fraudsters.

The quick overview is that Fear, Hope and Greed are the 3 main emotions that lead to either financial success or financial disaster. The combinations and permutations of these 3 emotions will ultimately decide your financial fate. Sadly, those who have been victims of scams and fraud seem to continually fall victim to the same behavior patterns with these emotions.

Take a full inventory of these 3 emotions in your past decision making process and write down the effects, then you can begin to change the results. Start a financial journal today, this will allow you to develop a complete understanding of your values and how they impact your decisions about money. This will allow you to have the necessary defense mechanisms to create the insulation and inoculation process needed for full protection from scams, frauds and predatory sales tactics.

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