There Was an Achilles’ Heel in Me – What About You?

At the age of 22, I graduated with honors from university with a major in Business Administration. With the knowledge I had gained from university, I viewed life through an optimistic lens. I thought that I would be a really great person who would be able to do a tremendous amount of extreme work and I would change the world. Yet, I was unaware of the Achille’s heel occupying almost all of my mind.

Holding my bachelor’s degree in hand, I eagerly went to look for a job; I just sent out my curriculum vitae to apply for only the top ranking jobs worthy of my major. However, after 6 months of unemployment, I started getting to work with an unexpected position. Nonetheless, I still thought that I would be superior to be appointed to that position, and I paid a not-cheap-at-all price for my own illusion and choice.

Encountering difficulty at work I fell into extreme stress and then depression. And then, I could not integrate into the general working environment of the company – I kept much to myself and became dysfunctional.

More importantly, I had been overconfident in my ability and therefore became despondent when realizing that I was too weak and inexperienced. It took me 3 years to adjust and get settled into my job and life.

5 years after graduation, I decided to put an investment in pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and running a private company financed by capital from my family. Fortunately, only during the first year of operation exclusively supplying advertising services on the internet did the business flourish producing more profit than expected. And since then I made a serious mistake.

I decided to make another investment in the real estate market with a significant sum of capital regardless of forecasting possible losses in business. The company had recruited more and more employees, and so the personnel matter became more complicated. I was not consistent in making the policies to appropriately use and allocate employees while there was so much chatter around me. Inevitably, I had to pay a price for my decisions.

The real estate sector was frozen due to the adjusted/amended policies of the administrative agencies. The capital could not be revolved, plus the fact that advertising companies made fewer orders caused me to fall into the situation in which income did not cover expenses. The company got into more difficulties when good employees gradually left for other positions. The company’s capital became a deficit/negative and a big loss was made as too much investment had been put into the real estate market. So, 18 months after the investment was made in the real estate market, I lost all the money invested. My MBA degree could not be completed since I did not have time and mind for it.

After all, I have realized that my Achilles’ heel immensely occupied my mind. I committed such a mistake when I was in too much of a hurry and subjectively overvalued my own ability. I decided to make the investment in a new field without doing enough research. I was too subjective to consider all possible risks for the worst circumstances. I was not consistent enough in decision making; and I rushed to pour out almost all the capital invested in a new field without doing any testing of the market before making such a large investment.

In order for you not to make such a serious mistake as mine, you should look for the book “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins to read and gain valuable lessons for your life and business as well.

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