Tips for Choosing a Card Production Company

A lot of people are trying to make their own card games at the moment. This is because they are very popular and very profitable as an idea for a business.

The possibilities are endless, with card games, when you think about it, because if the game is popular enough, you can expand into the merchandise arena.

You can either sell the merchandise rights to a production company, to make money that way, or if you have the time and the money, you can produce the merchandise yourself.

If you look at some of the card games that are popular right now, they have computer games, plush toys, vinyl toys, stationary and tech accessories as part of their company. Therefore, they are highly profitable and fans of the games like to show their love for the game, with accessories.

However, you will have to get the game off the ground and make sure that it is popular before you start to think about making more money off merchandise because if no one buys the game, they are not going to buy the merchandise.

Designing the game

Before you start to look into the production company, you have to know what the game is. There is no point in hiring a production company if you have no idea what the game is going to be, then you will be wasting your time in hiring someone to print the cards.

However, if you know of a printing company and they have a team of designers, you can contact them to see if they would like to work as a consultation team on the design of the game.

Some production companies will allow their designers to work on a game for free if there is some sort of agreement in place that they will be the team to print the cards once the game has been designed.

Which production company?

As mentioned above, you might want to choose a team with a design company, but there are other elements to the company that you should be looking for.

International Delivery

One of the most important elements from a production company is that they should be available for international delivery. The card printing industry is global and if they won’t provide international delivery, then that might not have the experience or printing high quality cards.

It is up to you though. If they can provide information about their previous clients and the job that they did for them, you should consider giving them a chance.


In this day and age, you would expect a good company to have many methods of payment. They should accept:


Credit Cards

Bank Transfer

If they are stuck in the dark ages and they only accept cheque, then you should consider using someone else. This is because cheques will take a long time to clear and this could delay the production of your cards.

Double Sided Printing

If a company does double sided printing, they should be given priority over any other company because it will benefit you greatly to print on both sides. This is because you will want your company logo on the back of the card and the actual game elements on the front of the card.

Choosing a production company is very important to the success of your card game. You will want to make sure that they are affordable so that you can make sure that you can maximise profits. Just make sure that you choose your company wisely.

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