Tips On How To Grow Your Small Or Independent Hotel

Being in the hospitality business is not an easy task. This is an industry that is usually considered seasonal: your hotel will gain more business and profits during the summer season and on holidays. Of course, your establishment won’t be earning any profits and may even suffer some losses during off-peak seasons: months wherein you can’t expect a satisfactory number of guests to check-in.

Unfortunately, even during peak seasons, your small or independent hotel may still not earn as much as you want it to. And this is mainly due to your competition. For every city, at least a dozen hotels are open and ready to accept tourists and even locals who want to feel pampered, even for just one day or so.

There are certain tips or ways small or independent hotel owners can follow so that they can increase or grow their business. These include the following:

Find a way to make booking at your hotel more convenient for potential guests. Nearly all businesses today, including hotels, have online booking or buying capabilities. If you don’t have this feature, then you’re losing a lot of potential customers and of course, business. As such, it is important to make the necessary updates on your website to make it easy for visitors to act immediately on their first impulse. This means having an online reservation or booking system that is easy to use.

Start maximizing the potentials of social media. At present, you should have at least a Facebook page and a Twitter account that clearly displays your brand logo and name. Of course, you have to be sharing interesting and engaging posts at least once a day. By using these free social networking platforms, you get to reach out to potential customers and also bolster your credibility. Make sure you use these social networking sites to keep previous and potential customers updated on changes and news in your hotel in a very simple way.

Always value your customers and their experiences at your hotel. Lastly, small hotels have a leg up since such establishments can provide personalized experiences for their customers. As such, it is important to find your unique selling point. This could be your location or something quite unique such as rooms that cater to dogs and their owners. If you are having a hard time finding unique yet valuable services to offer, focus on the special capabilities you have as a small business to make guests’ experiences truly personal and sell it. Keep in mind that your business has the potential to make an impact on the memories your guests have of a specific trip or even geographic area.

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