To Be Successful in Trading You Have to Pay the Price

Do you realize everything worth while in life requires you to pay some sort of price. The top salesman pay the price by seeing more clients face to face, that’s why they’re the top salesman. To excel in sports requires you to show up for practice when no one else does, paying the price. To start your own business requires you to risk more than the majority would, paying the price.

My wife competed in a fitness show, she hit the gym 6 days a week and followed a strict diet, that was the price she was going to have to pay to compete. I have a handful of traders who get up every morning with me at 6:00am to learn the markets, paying the price. One of our traders gets up at 4:30 and gets ready for work, hops in his jeep and heads downtown before rush hour and finds a parking lot at McDonalds, Opens his laptop and trades with us before his job starts. Is this individual paying the price?

The successful trader trades with a plan so he can keep the emotions out of the game, pays the price of patience and discipline. The successful trader knows what works today might not work tomorrow so he pays the price of continuous study of his method, never taking the market for granted.

The people that pay the price make things happen, the people who don’t, sit around and watch the people that do… then call them lucky. What is the price you have to pay to get where you want to go? Life is good, pay the price!

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