Top CD Rates in America

America, land of the Free. We all thought that was in Freedom, not in having CDs that pay practically nothing. Not to be depressing, but these rates do depress me. But, I’ve also got a nice warm Starbucks to help cheer me up. I just hope my writing helps you find some little gems that increase your earnings a bit.

Discover Bank has been around the internet for quite some time. Actually, I’ve found them to be a good bank to work with. But, always appreciate hearing other’s experiences. They do have competitive rates and a snazzy graph to show how much you’ll earn with them over the national averages. Frankly, I don’t like just squeaking by average. Anyway, their 1-year CD is 1.50% (whose isn’t these days?!?), they have an 18-month at 1.70%, a 2-year at 2.00%, and a 5Y at 3.00%. They have a 4-star rating from Bauer.

The next bank, I can’t give you the name. I actually tried to search for them and couldn’t find them. That means I have a competitive advantage, I need to keep that. They do have a 4-star rating from Bauer and we’ve referred many clients to them and so far no complaints. Their nice feature is a 90-Day early withdrawal penalty for their 5-year CD. The rate is a 2.70%. If you do the math, you’ll find their 2Y equivalent is 2.22% and the 3-year is 2.28%, both outperform most other fixed term CDs. Plus for as long as rates are staying low, your earning 2.70%.

Agricultural Federal Credit Union can be found in Virginia. And actually Virginia has some other institutions with good rates, but I can’t reveal too many secrets. They have a 3Y at 2.45% and a 5Y at 3.05%. You do have to join an association to become a member unless you happen to be in their service area, but anyone in the US can join the association. They have Bauer’s highest rating of 5-stars.

Okay, you twisted my arm. Here is a real gem for you. Melrose Credit Union out of New York. Not always the easiest to deal with, but they have a good rate that makes the difficulties worth it. They have a 1-year at 2.07%. Well above other rates that we are seeing. They allow for nationwide membership, but you can’t fund the CD until they receive your application with original signatures. This means the rate could change on you. But, I suspect even if they lowered the rate, they would still be above others. They also have a 5-star rating.

Well there ya go. I think some pretty good rates (for the current times) and all for free. And you thought I was just going to keep it all to myself.

Please remember that although we strive for accuracy mistakes can be made. Please verify federal insurance, rates, and ratings with any institution you are looking to make deposits with.

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