Top Five Strategies to Stay On Top of Future Tasks

Considering the fast paced nature of modern life, it behooves all of us to step back and spend some time mapping out our future tasks before they cause undue stress. Here are some ways to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

To Do Lists

In an effort to combat the endless cascade of future tasks, the tried but true method of writing out a to do list can help you maintain a good grasp on the things you need to do for work, for school, and for life in general. Just the act of writing down a list of tasks will assist you in figuring out what your priorities are and the things you need to take care of first and foremost. When the time finally comes that you can cross the last item off the list, there’s never a better feeling.


Looking forward in time, rather than relying on our faulty human memory to keep all of your appointments in check, it helps to maintain an updated calendar in a spot that you’re bound to check every morning. Maybe next to the mirror in the bathroom or tacked up on the refrigerator door, seeing all of your future tasks written under each day will keep you on track and prevent you from missing out on something important.


In the age where smartphones are more ubiquitous than landlines, many of us already have a built-in device that we can use as a personal planner to remind us of our daily obligations. As long as we’re going to be checking our phone every five minutes anyway, we might as well put them to use and get a helpful reminder in the process. Hearing that little ping half an hour ahead of time could mean the difference between falling behind on your schedule and accelerating right on ahead.

An Hour a Day

Setting aside an hour a day to plan out your day can mean a big difference in your productivity. If you’re a morning person, incorporate a little chunk of time into your morning routine devoted to personal planning and setting yourself up for a productive day. If mornings aren’t your cup of tea, taking an hour before bed every night can be hugely helpful to figuring out what you’re going to do the next day.

Productive Procrastination

If we’re going to be completely honest, no one can maintain a lifestyle of 24/7 productivity without falling behind every so often. Fear not, these little moments of weakness can be easily put to use. If you’re getting sick of the project at hand, take a little break to put another load of laundry in the machine or taking a stab at washing that pile of dirty dishes. Once you start to see a cleaner space, you’re mind is probably going to be ready for fresh productivity as well.

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