Top Fixed Rate Savings Accounts For 2010 – How to Find

Do you feel the returns generated for your savings in the current bank is not enough? Then you should find a better bank and investment product that could give you good returns. Read this article, and you can get good guidelines for the same.

Some of the top banks and their savings products in 2010 are listed below. These banks offer good interest rates and some products offer fixed interest rates. The interest rates vary periodically and you have to check the latest rates from the bank and related websites.

  • Smarty Pig
  • Choice Financial
  • North Middlesex Savings Bank – “Simple Save Account’
  • Ultima Bank – “Smart Savings Accounts”
  • Bank2 – “Great Rate Savings Account”
  • Americanet Bank – “Mega Money Market Checking Account”
  • Dollar Bank Federal Savings Bank

There are also other banks like Bank of America, Citibank etc that also offers savings accounts.

How to find the Top Fixed Rate Savings Accounts?

Here are some guidelines that would help you to choose the top fixed rate savings account.

Identify the Purpose:

  • For getting a better interest rate, first you should identify the purpose of your investment i.e. whether you are planning for a very long term investment or a short term investment or a medium term.
  • Are you ready to invest in risky areas?

Once you have identified the purpose, then you should also choose the location of investment. Some of the local banks in a particular area offer better interest rates when compared to the other areas. Once you have fixed that, you should compare the rates offered by various banks and the other terms. Then you should be able to finalize the best.

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