Using a Directory of Family Offices for Fund Marketing

Within this article we are going to cover strategies on how to use a directory of family offices for fund marketing.  These strategies should help anyone who is raising capital within the wealth management, RIA, family office space whether you run a hedge fund, private equity fund, CTA fund, fund of fund, or private trading group of some type.

Here are the top 7 Uses of a Directory of Family Offices for Fund Marketing:

  1. To help schedule and complete conference calls with potential investors. This is often the first step towards raising capital within the institutional world and a very important part of the capital raising sales cycle.
  2. To assist with identifying potential investors within a 2 hour flight from your headquarters, it is always powerful to meet face-to-face with potential investors whenever possible.
  3. To identify those groups with a focus on your type of asset class and target investments, when possible you save a lot of time by visiting the websites of these groups to see which are most likely to have an interest in your offering.
  4. To more effectively schedule and complete roadshows to places such as London, New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo, or Boston.  If you spend money flying and booking hotels, why not spend money to ensure you have the appropriate contact details and the maximum number of potential firms to meet with as well?
  5. To waste less time researching contact details for FOs and more time actually reaching out to them and developing relationships
  6. To increase the odds that someone will actually return your phone call by reaching out to more firms overall more quickly
  7. To help connect with professionals you hear speak or see attend industry conferences

These tips will help you raise more capital faster than your competition if you are using a directory of family offices for fund marketing.  

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