Ways to Eliminate Workplace Negativity

Negativity is like a virus which can infect a person and transmit to people, groups, departments, and complete organizations. A negative environment hinders positivity, brings down the productivity and morale of the company and ultimately influence the failure of the organization as a whole. Negative attitude must be curbed at the budding stage itself. “Negativity may knock at your door, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it in.”

Many factors can trigger the proliferation of negative behavior in the closed spaces of an office, for example:

· Constant whining and complaining.

· Failure of the growth of the company.

· Blame games.

· Issues with authority.

· Lack of job satisfaction.

· Fear of losing a job.

· Dissatisfaction with the compensation.

Combating workplace negativity is extremely challenging but needs to be done nevertheless for success and growth. Here are ways you can eliminate negativity and encourage positivity at your workplace.

1.Provide opportunities to communicate:

A disconnect can brew a lot of mistrust and pessimism. A platform to communicate and express opinions freely releases a lot of tension which may have been building up in individuals, festering negative views and opinions of the company.

2.Down with micromanagement:

The authority may feel the need to micromanage all the issues, however this may lead to frustration among the employees and a feeling of not being trusted creeps in which is not healthy for an employee performance and morale.

3.Growth and development:

Opportunities and options to grow and move in the organization will break the monotony of the job and encourage individuals to be more motivated and productive.

4.Rewards and Recognition:

I remember my colleague ranting about how hard he has been working by putting in extra hours of work and contributing ideas to the project and yet he is unappreciated. This can just be an initial resentment which may build up and lead to a big block in his mindset. He may also influence others with his negativity causing the virus to spread within the system and creating a serious negative imbalance. Employee rewards and recognitions are ways to keep individuals motivated and competitive.

5.Fun and interactive:

Fun activities and get-togethers can be an engaging diversion from the day-to-day life and keep it interesting at work. Weekly and monthly events can bridge the gap between different sets of people by bringing them together and sharing information and knowledge.

6.Address personal problems:

Negativity in an individual may also be a result of an ongoing personal problem. Such individuals may tend to display their frustration at work and spread the negativity. Timely counselling and addressing of this issue will be needed from the peer group or the management.

7.Encourage Teamwork:

Inclusion of all the members of the team in the activities of the office will maintain unison in the office and keep distance from the negativity from individuals who feel less informed about matters.

Negativity and fear of failure are the biggest hurdles in success and achieving the goals in life. Keeping the above points in mind you can avoid the negative impacts of pessimism and work towards the company and personal success.

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