We Are All Equal Under The Law, So What Is The Problem?

If you have a problem with the buzz-word “Equality” you are not alone. It’s being bantered so often now, it’s hard to tell if the definition of the word actually means anything. It’s even hard to say if it is good or not. Let me explain if you will.

People will say they want equality and then name some minority group that appears to have been given unfair treatment, and yet, when we look into it, we find the people screaming Equality the loudest are suggesting that the specific minority group get some sort of advantage over others in other categories – which by definition is the opposite of equality. See the problem. The same thing happens when people scream racism towards whites and then seek to punish them because they are white – which is also racism.

Then there is the funny phenomena about free speech and diversity which goes something like this; “Shut up, you can’t say that, it’s mean towards [fill in the blank here] minority group!” No matter if you yourself are in a minority group of another kind, suddenly you are denied your free-speech. At some point Americans need to throw away their hypocrisy – and I have a suggestion – something you might wish to think about:

“We should always endeavor to celebrate our diversity, but never go so far as to force it” – Lance 2015

Regarding “Legal Equality” yes, I agree, everyone must operate under the same set of laws. That includes everyone, no advantages for anyone merely because they are in a minority group, or are playing victim.

Sometimes we have too many laws designed to protect stupid people from themselves, and if we continue to make more and more laws like this, eventually only a stupid person will want to live in this society.

Further, it does appear to me anyway, that since some people are better at some things and some better at others – due to genetics, fast-twitch muscle fiber, different brain structure, etc. – that we need to be careful with calling for a definition of “Equality” to ensure equal outcome, because then all you have is a communist state – more like the Borg. Some people are just better at some things.

Regarding “Human+” some humans are just better at most everything, math, athletics, healthiness, symmetrical facial features, spatial reasoning, language, uptake of new concepts, etc. These humans we could drop into a remote village in China at age 5, by age 15 they’d be running the place.

Some people, humans, are really good at so very little, and regardless of reason; genetics, nurture, indoctrination, media, education, diet, lifestyle, neighborhood, choices, belief systems, there is little use to help them “wake up” to become great at whatever it is they are doing. Although you can help them become as good as they are possibly able through de-programming and re-programming – how you go about this is also problematic, as you are determining their outcome by your standards – military boot camp for instance, or religious brainwashing, etc.

If you want true equality under the law, let everyone compete, let the best person get the job or into a specific college program and let life’s circumstances and realities rule the day. Thanks for listening to this short dialogue.

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