What Does Contents Insurance Cover

The answer to this question lies with the individual insurance company. The simple answer to the question of contents insurance is that it basically covers everything that is not a fixture of the building. Items such as pipes, fixtures, wardrobes, toilets, tubs, and the like are covered by building insurance. The things that a family or a business bring with them and take away when them when they leave the building are considered contents, and are covered. A lamp that can be picked up and carried away is covered in a contents insurance policy. A light fixture attached to the ceiling, on the other hand, would be covered by a building insurance policy.

So what does contents insurance cover? Things that are not part of the building, can be carried in and out, and are not left behind when the business or family moves are considered contents. Such items tend to be gathered over time, and become important parts of daily life.

Before getting quotes from insurance companies, go through the building and make a list of everything that should be covered by insurance. Important and expensive things like computers, video game systems, entertainment centers, televisions, software, and DVDs should all be on the list. Any collector items, even if irreplaceable, should also be included. Furniture like kitchen sets, dining room sets, bedroom sets, antiques, couches, and all related items should be on the list, because their replacement could total a great deal of money. Any artwork, such as paintings, that did not come with the building can also be covered.

This list should be kept in a safe place that is protected from fire. A fireproof safe is a good idea. This list will make it possible to get a good contents insurance quote at the best possible price.

When scanning the building for things that should be insured, remember to think about just what the contents insurance policy will cover, or more importantly, what it will not cover, and discuss any concerns with an insurance representative. This cover insurance ensures that fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and other catastrophes do not mean financial catastrophe. It allows a quick recovery so life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

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