What Is Ethylphenidate?

Ethylphenidate is also referred to as EPT, EP and Ethylcaine. It was found in 2011 and is used widely in various research studies around the world. It’s important to note that this compound is sold for research purposes only and is not available for human consumption.

This compound is a highly acidic chemical and is a psycho stimulant, believed to lift mood. The compound lasts up to three hours when used in research, which is enough time to conduct various tests on how this compound reacts with certain chemicals, genes, cells and more.

Ethylphenidate must be used under controlled measures in a laboratory setting with protective clothing. Many researchers that have been exposed to this chemical in large quantities have experienced very unpleasant side effects for a few hours. This is why any research you conduct should always be carried out safely, reducing the risk to you at all times.

This protect is a blend of dopamine and norepinephrine re uptake inhibitors and has been used on mice to determine the stimulatory effect. Another report shows Ethylphenidate being used in human testing with very controlled doses to determine the outcomes. These tests were carried out on six healthy subjects with small doses to determine length of effect and overall effect of the compound in human subjects. This was for research purposes and helped the researchers determine how to use this compound in future research.

When not in use the compound should be sealed in a plastic container or test tube, it should never be used after the expiry date. Ethylphenidate should be disposed of in a controlled manner to reduce affecting anyone outside the laboratory.

It is essential when purchasing this compound that you purchase from a reputable supplier to ensure you purchase a high quality compound that will have a good impact on your research. In many cases, you have spent months, if not years, compiling your data and now it’s time to put your ideas to the test. The last thing you want is to purchase a low quality product that will ruin your research and leave you starting from scratch.

Ethylphenidate is banned in most countries for human consumption, so it’s important when purchasing this product that you are only buying it for research purposes, putting your skills to the test and seeing how it interacts with your own studies, whether you’re studying on other compounds, you’re got an idea for a new medicine or you’re conducting research on mice.

Most suppliers will require information to ensure you are a student, chemistry student, educational facility or laboratory before selling to you. If you are purchasing for your own research for a project, you may need confirmation from your educational institution in order to purchase the product legally.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of online suppliers selling Ethylphenidate at competitive prices. The problem is that not all of them take pride in the products that they sell, which means you could end up purchasing from a supplier that doesn’t provide you with a high quality compound to aid your research. Take the time to read as much as you can about the supplier, their products and their quality of service before placing any orders.

Ensure you read up on how to store the product before purchasing and determine how the supplier ships the product to you. Once received, ensure you follow the storage instructions to the letter, keeping the compound within the required temperature controls, in turn, ensuring your research can go ahead without any unexpected problems.

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