What Kind of Investment That Would Double in One Year?

People invest for a lot of reasons. To earn some money on the side, to supplement or replace their work income, to keep up with inflation, to grow their money, to maintain wealth, and because they like investing.

That being said, here are some strategies to that could give double (maybe triple) digit returns in a year:

Tax Lien investing – Get returns of up to 50% per year by paying other people’s taxes

Tax Deed Investing – Buy houses at auction for pennies on the dollar

Flipping websites – Cost of website ownership can be as little as $50 per year – you build up popularity and page rank and sell the website for several thousand dollars. Repeat this process over and over for some serious returns on your initial investment.

Flipping Real Estate – This is a popular strategy buy a property at a discount, then flip it for a profit. You can get started in this strategy for as little as $100

Buying Stock Options – use leverage to buy stock options and get triple digit gains in no time.

Selling Stock Options – I use this to make passive residual income. You can make 10-20% per month easily.

Buy a business – Buy a franchise business or buy ownership and reap the profits.

Start a business – start your own company (consulting businesses have very little overhead)

Become a real estate property scout (bird dogging) – get paid to find real estate deals for busy real estate investors.

Internet marketing – Make money on the internet. Some strategies require no cash so your return is infinite.

Buying Rental Property – (your return is based on the amount you put into property not the value of the mortgage you make payments on)

If you do your research and understand what to watch out for with these strategies, you will be able to more than double your money in a year OR less. Every investment has risks, which is why it is important to learn before you earn. If you think about it, at your job there is always the risk of you being laid off. Nothing is without risk.

Notice I did not mention “invest in the stock market” – it is possible to double your money investing in the stock market. However, you have to really understand technical analysis and fundamental analysis and know how to find the right entry and exit points for a stock.

People do make huge returns on their money every year. They just don’t broadcast it, and why would they?

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