What Type of Person Invests in a Coffee Van for Sale?

A coffee van for sale is a great business venture, but if you’re not familiar with the model you might be looking into other forms of franchised businesses, or even considering starting up your own new business from scratch. It’s well known that many small businesses fail. This is usually down to lack of experience of business in general, or the specific industry. Lack of plans, over simplification (or over complication) and not having enough funds to get the business off the ground can all be issues.

There’s still lots of people starting their own business venture every day though. There’s no way these people can have missed those statistics being thrown around (the bank is likely to have mentioned them even if no one else did). So why do they get involved?

There tends to be two types of people who start their own businesses: those who do it for love, and those who do it for money.

The money minded among business owners tend to have a strong plan, but no real attachment to their industry. They go where the money is. And when the money dries up? They just leave.

People looking at a coffee van for sale tend to be passionate about their industry. They know that by becoming a part of the mobile coffee movement that they will be providing a much loved resource in a way that just wasn’t possible in the past.

Coffee vans for sale are a self-contained business. There’s no need to think about rent or bills, heating costs or staffing. You will be able to run your own little coffee shop from wherever you drive to. Word of mouth will be a really important part of your advertising, with more and more employees from particular businesses choosing your high quality drinks rather than the instant that they’ve been suffering the staff room for far too long.

If you’re going to be a business owner or franchise partner of any kind though, you will have to be a hard worker as well as good at motivating yourself. While a shop will need to be open regular to establish a strong customer base, a coffee van for sale will move between locations, and therefore working hours are much more flexible. This can be great in some respects; if you want to take a holiday or need a day off you won’t need to rearrange everything and call in the reinforcements to do so. The issue is that if you don’t turn up to work you just won’t be making any money.

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