What’s So Great About Platinum Coins?

Having a hobby is always a great thing, because the hobby can fill in that extra time that would usually have been wasted watching television, and, instead, that time will be spent doing something one loves to do. There are many different things people do as hobbies, but coin collecting is extremely popular. There are so many different kinds of coins out there to collect, which is a big reason why people like to collect coins. This article will specifically discuss a few platinum coins that would look good in anyone’s collection.

The American Platinum Eagle coin is one of the most popular platinum coins out there, and everyone would love to have it in their collection. It’s the official platinum bullion of the U.S.A. This platinum was released in 1997 by the United States Mint, and it’s offered in a variety of sizes, such as 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. Later on, proof and uncirculated versions of this particular coin were made. These design on the back of the proof and uncirculated versions change every year, so they are extremely popular to collectors.

Platinum Maple Leafs are supplied by Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint, and they are extremely popular as well. These platinum pieces have an excellent design that really represents Canada well. The Canadian Maple Leaf is on each piece, and the weight and purity of the piece is also listed on the back. On the front of this coin is Elizabeth II, the year, and how much the item is actually worth. The overall design of this coin is spectacular, and that’s why this is another great thing to add to any coin collection.

The Platinum Koalas from Australia are also a great addition to any collection. These platinum beauties have nice picture of a Koala bear in a tree with the words ‘Australian Koala’ on the edge as well as the size and the purity of the item. The year and a pure platinum authenticity acknowledgment are both also engraved on if. With such a great design and its high value, the Platinum Koala coin from Australia is yet another great coin to add to any coin collection.

The combination of some nice platinum coins to compliment your gold coin collection is usually a great way to go in terms of making a smart, diversified investment. We highly recommend you consider these along with the Gold Eagle!

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