What’s Your Hurry Anyway?

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend filled with the things you love to do that make your heart sing.That’s what life is all about, don’t you think? Doing what you love in every aspect of your life – from your business, to your relationships, to how you spend your time.

I’ve been thinking about the concept of time a lot lately. Why we rush specifically. What fear this is really coming from, and how it can actually block our success if we let it.

Here is what I’ve realized about time.

First, time doesn’t actually exist. I’m not going to get into this a lot, but essentially from a spiritual perspective, we are eternal. We return to Love / God / Source/ Creator after our time is finished here, in this physical world. We have created time and the sense of urgency to get things done. It doesn’t really exist. When we operate from ego, we think our lives are limited. That we need to rush to get it all done before we die. When we come from source or that higher power, we’re not as worried about time. We can truly focus on being of service and doing what we love. We can stop rushing and let go of the fear of not getting it all done. If you haven’t been introduced to A Course in Miracles, I highly recommend it. It’s a great resource for gaining clarity around the ego and source.

By constantly rushing and worrying, we will not actually see the opportunities literally all around us right now to give us what we are asking for. If we’re operating from fear and worry, we will block the divine direction available to us from Source. We will only see things that vibrate on the same level as fear and worry – which is nothing to write home about. It likely looks like debt, lack of clients, working with people we don’t love and doing things we don’t want to do.

So, what do you need to do, specifically?

While we’re here having a physical experience, time is in fact how the world operates. That is okay. We can function using time, but also have the peace of mind that it doesn’t really matter. Again, this peace of mind can be used to stop the rushing.

You do need to use your time wisely. Schedule in everything you want to do, from business building activates, to taking time for yourself. This will ensure you are living the life you really want to live. Also keep in mind, that what you focus on grows. Focus on worrying about money, you will have more to worry about. Focus on serving people, and you will have more people to help (and hence more income to go along with it). Create a schedule that reflects positive growth in your business, which includes taking care of yourself.

Know that it’s really not about how much time you’re spending on something. It’s how you think about it. Rushing equals worry. Letting go equals success. You can spend the same amount of time, but one way of thinking will lead to results and one will not.

* Challenge: I challenge you to choose something you really want to do, be or have – which would almost be unbelievable if it happened. Make the decision to do it. Watch how the universe supports you once you make the decision. Stay open to it appearing and believe it will show up. Let go of trying to control the how. It will be there for you. By doing this, and bringing to fruition whatever it is you desire, you will see just how powerful you really are and that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time either.

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