Why Temperature Controlled Packages Are Important To Maintain The Quality Of Cold Chain Goods

There are many types of certain goods or products that have to be under carefully controlled conditions or temperature at all times. Food, for example, has to be under closely monitored and controlled conditions. Frozen food and produce, to be more specific, have to remain in freezing conditions during the shipping process. Seafood, which is one of the top perishable food types that is widely exported, is also highly temperature-sensitive. Whether these items simply have to be delivered in a local area or have to be shipped overseas, it is important that these products be kept in a storage or facility with carefully controlled and uninterrupted temperature or climate.

The whole chain or event that entails a certain product being kept under carefully monitored and controlled conditions pertains to the cold chain. A cold chain pertains to an uninterrupted and temperature-controlled supply chain consisting of various storage and distribution processes. For many temperature-sensitive products, this chain can even start during their production stage.

This supply chain is also important in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Medicines, vaccines and other biological products also have to remain in an unbroken cold chain anytime during the transporting or distribution process, and even before it. Such temperature-sensitive products can easily become ineffective, worthless and even harmful if there is a change in their storage’s climate condition before and during their distribution process.

To ensure that this supply chain is maintained and goes uninterrupted when these perishable and temperature-sensitive products are in transit, many industry experts now recommend the use of temperature controlled packaging materials or containers during the whole transport or shipping process.

Commonly Used Temperature Controlled Packaging Products

Below are some well-known cold chain packaging materials that are available in the market:

Insulated containers. These containers come in different sizes and varieties and can be used to ship and transport various kinds of products. These containers can help make any cold chain simpler, more flexible, cost-effective and successful. For business owners who transport both hot and cold products, you can invest in eutectic plates to install in insulated containers so that you can easily control its temperature as required by the goods that need to be transported.

Polyurethane shippers or foam boxes. These containers are ideal for shipping products that need to be in cold or low to moderate temperature. Temperature sensitive goods can be safely placed in these containers for any trip or shipping durations that lasts from one to six days.

Gel pack. These gel packs are placed inside insulated containers to help maintain the cold chain product’s needed temperature.

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