Why Use a Closed Construction Entrance Matting System?

A well designed closed construction entrance door matting system retains the dirt within its upper surface from where it is easily and conveniently vacuumed away as required. There is no necessity to lift the matting out of the matwell for cleaning purposes. In fact modular closed construction mat systems only need lifting so that they can be replaced which can generally be achieved very easily as they are either loose or interlocked.

Closed entrance door mats must be designed to ensure that contaminants are restricted to the top surface and do not allow tracking of the brought in contaminants further into the building and thereby allow simple vacuuming and extraction cleaning to be carried out in situ.

The closed type of design generally means the incorporation of valleys, scraper areas, flexible parts, and absorbent zones able to capture the contaminants whether matter or liquid. Due to the fact that closed systems are almost impervious and are left undisturbed for long periods of time means they also cause minimal damage to the matwell base screed and this in turn means that the mats are stable and less likely to cause a trip hazard.

Closed construction entrance matting concentrates the vacuum action directly at the contact surface keeping it fresh and active and able to provide an effective barrier mat between exterior conditions and interior surfaces.

Voids in open structure matting reduce the need for such regular cleaning as the name suggests all the contaminates both matter and moisture fall through the voids into the base of the matwell to be cleaned out at a later date however closed construction eliminates the need for the removal of the matting from the matwell for its cleaning operation to take place.

When considering either closed or open door mats the only main consideration is how much liquid is likely to be prevalent at any one time as obviously a closed system can only cope with a small volume of liquid than a open system as this can allow the base area of the matwell can in essence become flooded as long as it does not overflow (If this happens you probably have a flood) and no matting system will effectively cope with that.

The design of the main entranceway is key to the initial impact of the ‘reception experience’ of any visitor. A considered choice of any matting system that can be easily and quickly maintained will be a major factor in its ability to retain its purpose and appearance over the longer term.

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