Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think

Have you ever experienced either reading something or hearing something someone said and those words landed in the depths of your soul?

This happened to me and I’ll never be the same.

I recently attended a 3-day business retreat and there was a special guest by the name of Rev Deb; yes, a female preacher at a business event.

I’ve attended dozens of business retreats and I get a lot out of each and every one them. I always go to these events with an open mind and without expectations; I believe that showing up with this mindset allows me to walk away from the event with new insights and strategies for my business.

In any case, I go with the intention to receive as well as to give. These events require a giving energy and mindfulness because you are affecting others with your energy. Plus, I always seem to make connections for others at events, whether it’s a resource for them or a referral for them.

So when you attend events always have an open mind and an open heart.

Because even if they’re teaching a strategy that you already implement in your business, you’ll get the confirmation that you’re on the right track. And if you hear something you’ve already heard before, you can always use a fresh perspective. And sometimes you just need to hear something in a different way for it to sink in.

So going back to the event with Rev Deb as our special guest…

There was something that she said that I felt from the inside out and it was one of the most visceral feelings I’ve experienced in a long time. She shared just nine life shifting words that I will never forget.

“Your dreams are waiting for you to come true.”


Now say it out loud like this: “my dreams are waiting for me to come true,”

Did you feel it too?

Dreams often feel like they are “out there” somewhere right?

Yes, they’re attainable… reachable.

Yet, they seem to float just a few inches away from your fingertips, out there somewhere. Within reach, but you have to stand on your tippy tippy toes to touch them.

Even when you think about your dreams, don’t you look upward and out yonder just a bit?

I know I do.

Those nine words shook me to my core; in an incredible and unforgettable way.

I felt my soul open up and invite my dreams in; I inhaled and physically felt my dreams enter my nostrils, into the back of my throat, and into my lungs.

On my exhale I felt my dreams work their way into every cell of my body reaching the top of my crown, to the tips of my fingers, and grounding themselves at the soles of my feet.

This was a powerful moment. I knew I would never be the same person.

Being an entrepreneur was not necessarily a dream for me, it’s just something that I chose to do at a time when I was young and fearless.

And I continue to be an entrepreneur because it’s what I know and it’s what I love.

But the dream that I have is far bigger than being an entrepreneur.

My dream is to empower women, whether they’re an entrepreneur or not.

My business is working with women entrepreneurs on how to comfortably and confidently talk about their business so they attract clients and connect with potential referral partners…

… but, most of all, my dream is to empower all women to find their voice.

After hearing Rev Deb’s words, I know that my dreams already reside within me.

They are just waiting for me to release them.

Now I invite you to breath in these words and inhale your dreams.

Now that you have them, be intent on releasing them.

They’re waiting for you to do just that.

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