10 Reasons To Encourage Employee Recognition

The ‘Dopamine Effect’ as termed by behavioral psychologists is referred to as the rush that people feel when something good happens to them. It can be anything as simple as receiving a small compliment or getting that long awaited promotion at work. Once you feel that rush, you want to feel that over and over again.

As an experienced manager, you know how impactful recognition can be in helping your employees feel that rush and the resulting dopamine effects. To have a positive feedback at the workplace, recognizing the employees and letting them know how valued they are, can prove best results. When you do your best to acknowledge great work, your employees really do appreciate it.

Although, how would you increase productivity in your entire workplace, if everyone in the team were engaged in recognizing each other? Wouldn’t it be astonishing?

Sometimes, on-board peer-to-peer recognition programs help employees know how they can benefit from recognizing a co-worker. Below are 10 “What’s in it for me” reasons to recognize a co-worker to share with all the employees.

1. It creates positivity and friendliness in the work environment making it more enjoyable to come to work. 
2. It displays your appreciation towards the team member, ensuring that everyone realizes that they matter. 
3. It helps a new employee feel like a part of the team such that the first few weeks are not tough. 
4. It allows you to endorse what you place utmost significance to at work. Helping you in turn, to set the tone of what’s important. 
5. It also sets measurable standards of performance for every employee to aspire for, making sure slackers do not slip away. 
6. It helps everyone achieve their goals. More the hands, lighter the work. 
7. It creates a collaborative and interconnected environment in the team, such that everyone in the team is co-operative. 
8. It provides visibility of you and your team such that management takes notice, guaranteeing that the right people get acknowledged for their excellent performance. 
9. It builds your credibility throughout the organization and, your perspectives start to matter more. 
10. It provides you the opportunity to display your commitment to the company. Management would be able to notice how much you value the company.

Cultivate and spread the powerful message of the dopamine effect around your organization, and increase performance with something as simple yet extremely significant, as co-worker recognition.

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