3 Easy Methods to Increase Profits in the Dental Practice

As the year comes to a close, dentists are always looking for ways to make a little extra money and for some last minute dental marketing tips! I had a few ideas to share with you on how to get your books filled toward the end of the year and finish out your year strong!

Though brief, these steps are really powerful in getting some extra cash into your practice as you wrap up your year.

Also, these methods of increasing cash flow can be implemented relatively easy, without having to invest a lot in a dental marketing plan. Though I recommend always having a sound, goal-oriented marketing plan in place, these ideas are what top dental offices practice routinely to ensure they are keeping up their profitability.

Put these steps into action immediately for the best results! Remember, though they are very basic ideas, the most successful dental practices are good at taking action!

1. Unused Insurance Benefits Letter

For those of you accepting Dental insurance plans, sort through your patients list and filter out those patients who have only used a part of their insurance benefits for the year.

Maybe some of your patients will move forward with more comprehensive care if they know that part of their treatment is covered by their insurance benefits. Remember to give multiple options (option A – minimum and Option B – more comprehensive care yielding more savings over time)

2. Fill Empty Time Slots with Hygiene Patients

You may already be doing something like this, but make time for your desk staff and create an action plan to reach out to these patients in 2 methods: Letter or Postcard; By Phone. Many of these patients may also be on the list of unused insurance benefits listed above.

3. Statement of Delinquency Letters

Send out 1 last campaign to your delinquent paying patients. This time of year people are getting bonuses and have extra money with the year coming to a close.

Plus, most people either forgot about the bill they have with you or they may want to start the new year off with a fresh slate, so this can give you a little boost to your cash flow as the year ends.

Remember, though these ideas seem very basic, they are tried and true in increasing profits in the dental practice. Plan your days and weeks with your team and focus on simple methods, implement them, adjust, and move ahead!

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