3 Effectively ‘Viral’ Ways to Get More Self Employed Courier Jobs

For those who are just starting to take on self employed courier jobs, it’s an uphill battle to obtain critical mass as far as customers are concerned. You need to instigate certain clever marketing activities that will enable your business to become ‘viral’ enough to be known to a lot of potential customers. For starters, here are three of the best viral marketing strategies that could take your business to the next level.

‘Humanise’ your Social Media Page

Many people who take on self employed courier jobs perfunctorily start a social media page (usually on Google+ or Facebook) then somehow fail to follow-through or neglect updating it to keep interest alive. That’s why so many social media pages end up as empty ‘memorials’, sadly under utilised. For one thing, social media is driven by people-potential customers who avidly engage in anything they find interesting on the Internet. If that ‘interesting thing’ happens to be related to the business you’re running, then your business’ name is elevated along with the popularity of your post. To keep interest and engagement up, keep your social media page alive by regularly updating it with ‘humanising’ elements, including posts about the people you meet everyday, photos of your delivery trucks making a customer happy, or stories about when you went above and beyond the call of duty.

Use Your Own Car as an Advertising Vehicle

You’ve probably seen one of those taxicabs bearing a lit up advertising sign for a particular business. You can do that, too, to get a boost in the number of self employed courier jobs you’re getting. One way to accomplish this is by using magnetic signs, which are pretty cheap considering how much advertising mileage you’ll get from them. You can put the magnetic sign (containing your best service offers, contact details, and a slogan) on the side of your car or any other surface that gets exposure, thereby transforming your delivery vehicle into a 24-hour-a-day advertisement. As you do your job delivering packages to customers, people will see your van and become familiar with your business’ name.

Do Really Great Work

Nothing gets word of mouth going better than by ensuring that each time you accomplish a delivery job the customer is utterly satisfied. ‘Blown away’ may be a tad too much, but that’s something to aim for. The thing is, performing your work to the highest level of professionalism and maintaining a strong work ethic should be something you’re already doing. Do your job, and do it well, end of story. People remember the kind, polite, courteous, and awesome service they received-whether it’s from a courier or a pizza delivery guy-and they tend to make repeat business with that person. Do this consistently and, in time, you will be getting a steady stream of in-bound self employed courier jobs.

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