3 Reasons You Should Always Use Event Furniture Hire and Never Buy

Planning events, whether for yourself or for a charity or business you’re working for, can be really exciting. There’s lots to think about, but the end result is always worth it. Little things might go wrong on the way (you can’t get the caterer or the venue which you wanted, or the budget doesn’t go quite as far as you might have hoped), but in the end it just doesn’t matter. The drinks will be flowing, the sun may (or may not) be shining, and it will all go swimmingly!

To get to that point though you will have to do some of the actual planning, rather than just daydreaming about your outfit, about the food, and about how great a time everyone will be having.

When you’re event planning, lots of people look at hiring a venue which comes with furniture, while others don’t even think about event furniture hire at all. It’s actually a really important element, and if you don’t get it right then you’ll find there’s certain elements of your event which just can’t fall into place.

You’re taking everything into your own hands

If you’re relying on the venue to provide seating and tables, then you won’t be able to sort anything until the venue are ready for you to sort things. While the room might be available, they might need the furniture until just before your event kicks off, meaning you’ll be very short on time to set everything up and make any adjustments.

By using an event furniture hire company you can arrange delivery in advance to guarantee you have plenty of time to set up. You’ll be able to work out place settings and have time to make any changes to seating plans well before your guests have even considered setting out to get to you.

You’ll save money

Many people think it will be cheaper hiring directly from the venue, but you can usually get a lot more choice and a better price from an event furniture hire company. These specialist businesses will be able to provide exactly what you’re looking for, and it means you’ll need to spend less on seat covers and decorations to get everything up to scratch.

And relax!

The more organised you can be in advance, the more relaxed you’ll feel on the day. There will be countless things which you won’t be able to sort out until the day itself, but event furniture hire need not be one of them. This can be booked months and months in advance for delivery the evening before your event. You can then get all the seating set up to your satisfaction and then go and get yourself a good night’s sleep. Remember to breathe, everything will fall into place!

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