3 Tips On How To Create Special Effects With Lights

For your event to be unique you should use special effects. To guide you here are tips on how to create the special effects:


Here is where you create an illusion of water in a room. The best lights to use to achieve this effect are ellipsoidal reflector spotlights. To create the effect of light bouncing off the ocean you should use gobo rotators. You can also use a cool-tone glass colorizer to create underwater effects.

Other items that you can use are: a film scroller and GAM products. A film scroller aids in producing an effect of falling rain while GAM products make a film FX scroller.

You should place a metal scroll into the scroller unit and soft focus. You should then place a window gobo in the regular gobo slot and hard focus while allowing the scroll to produce the illusion of falling rain. In addition to using the units to produce an illusion of falling rain, you can also use them to create an illusion of moving clouds.

Starry night

There are many ways in which you can achieve starry night onstage. The ways mainly depend on the amount of money that you want to spend. If you are operating on a large budget you should use fiber optic star curtains to provide you with pinpoints of starlights that give the illusion of real stars.

If you are operating on a tight budget you should use homemade star curtains and Christmas tree lights.

To make your event perfect you should keep the rest of the lights dim and tightly focused as much as possible. You should support your stars with bluish or cool white lights.

Black lights

They are very common in dramatic and dance performances. While this is the case, they are not easy to achieve. This is because the black (ultraviolet) light only tends to pick out certain lights and makes them glow.

For ideal results you should ensure that all the lights and everything else on the stage is black.


These are some of the effects that you can use in order to make it unique. You should note that while you can create the effect by yourself you should hire a professional in order to have perfect results.

Since lights are very important in the creation of the effects, it’s paramount that you only use high quality and genuine lights.

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