3 Top Ways an Online Presence Can Grow Your Courier Network

If you’re having mixed thoughts about making the cyber plunge and establishing your delivery company’s online presence with a view to growing your courier network, these three compelling reasons should convince you.

Benefits Are Only Limited by Your Efforts

When it comes to getting the most benefits from an online presence, everything depends on your personal effort. The more hours you put into improving your online presence -writing articles about your services and posting them on various websites, or participating in various forums where potential customers lurk – the more you will gain from exposure. But there are ways to delegate some of the time consuming tasks of promoting your online presence to increase your courier network. For example, you can hire people who will do this for a fee. Sometimes referred to as ‘micro-services hubs’, such companies offer everything from writing to marketing to advertising. Most importantly, they offer a way to accomplish your set goals without spending massive amounts of money.

Some Things in Life Are Free!

Obviously, signing up on a social media website is free. Right now, the most popular sites include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and if you know how to play your cards right, you can get a massive promotional push from these social media sites in order to grow your courier network. But that’s really just pitching your cyber tent in social media; we haven’t yet mentioned the benefits you may derive from creating and operating your own website or running your own blog. These days, it’s not very difficult to do wither and web hosting often comes with an array of freebies, such as website templates that enable your online presence to exude a professional, sleek vibe.

Viral Potential

By ‘viral’, we’re not referring to the kind that causes nasty human diseases, but one that is related to social media. Having an online presence, especially when you know how to push the right buttons and inspire people or compel them to take action, can be like Jack tossing the magic beans to the ground and finding how gigantic the beans have grown overnight! One simple yet effective post on social media can be reposted, shared and ‘liked’ thousands of times, greatly extending your reach to incredible proportions. The direct result of this is your delivery company – and by extension, your courier network – can be in the minds of countless people in a matter of days or weeks. What’s more, there’s the phenomenon called the ‘long tail’: a post can explode in popularity and wane within 36 hours (regardless of whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest), but it stays on the web forever – which means even in the years to come, people may stumble upon it and learn about your business.

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