3 Ways to Make Better Coffee at Home (or Look at Coffee Vans for Sale)

If you’re looking into coffee vans for sale, it probably won’t be too wild a guess to assume that you’re interested in the coffee industry, and that you might even make yourself a cuppa on occasion. We wouldn’t be surprised: a huge number of people drink coffee every day, and it’s fast replacing tea as Britain’s favourite drink.

It’s really easy to get hold of great coffee when you’re out and about; most modern restaurants have an espresso machine, there are tonnes of cafes on the high street, and there are coffee vans for sale as part of franchises up and down the country.

The problem of bad coffee is now more prominent in the home than anywhere else. Thousands of consumers opt for the ease and the low cost of the instant option, and compromise on flavour and freshness. It’s not as expensive or as much hassle as many people believe to get great quality from the comfort of your own home though, and if you’re a three cups of instant a day kind of a person, you might find that you can cut back when faced with a more tasty beverage. Quality, when it comes to coffee, is almost everything.

The AeroPress

This is a pressure system which works in a similar way to an espresso machine – but then it’s also a bit like a cafetière. The hybrid between the two systems means that you initially add the water to the coffee, but this will only brew very briefly. You use the press to force the water through the grounds, and this will extra the drink we all know and love. There’s no over-brewing, but the issue can be that when you’re controlling the pressure yourself consistency can be incredibly varied.

On the plus side, they’re only around £30 to buy, which makes them a much more reasonable equivalent than something like an espresso machine like you’d have fitted in a coffee van for sale.

The Cafetière

Touched upon briefly, the cafetière is a simple but excellent piece of kit. They’re really reasonably priced, and more or less foolproof. Just add the grounds, pop in the water, stir and leave to brew for around four minutes. Slowly and steadily press down the plunger, and decant the fresh coffee into a clean jug to stop it from continuing to brew.

Invest in a coffee van for sale

There’s no rules against using professional equipment at home, and if you’re the lucky owner of a coffee van kitted out with the latest espresso machines then we highly recommend you put both it, and your training, to good use.

Enjoy your better quality coffee, and never buy instant again.

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