4 Industries to Utilize DFW Drug Testing

You can learn a lot about employees and candidates with DFW drug testing. Some industries have more dangers on the worksite than others.

Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is regulated by the DOT. There are rules and regulations regarding drug use. You will need to have a DOT consortium in place as a way of maintaining the testing program. It allows you as an employer to remain compliant against all of the drug and alcohol testing standards.

One of the main reasons for requiring this of the trucking industry is because there are a number of drivers. If drivers are on the roads and under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, it can lead to accidents.

Healthcare Industry

Those within the healthcare industry need to uphold the highest levels of health and wellness. Doing drugs puts everyone at risk, including themselves. It is imperative that doctors, nurses, and everyone else within the industry remain drug-free so that they can have a clear head when it comes to diagnosis as well as overall patient care.

Military Industry

Not only does the military require everyone to be drug free, but so do the various contractors involved with the military. Even those who live in states where recreational marijuana is legal, it’s still illegal in the military. This is because everyone is a federal employee.

Military contractors have the ability to utilize DFW drug testing. If you fall within this category, you can use a consortium to run the testing program for you. This can make it easier to maintain records, and ensure that employees are being called in randomly to be tested.

Education Industry

Teachers and other educators can never be under the influence of drugs. They are around children every day, and you simply cannot take this risk. It is also regulated by the Department of Education. Whether you run a public or private school, DFW drug testing is a necessity. Even if you are involved in the education industry in another way, it can be beneficial to have a program in place. You may be able to get more work when you say that your workplace is drug-free – and have the ability to prove it.

Regardless of what your industry may be, you may want to implement DFW drug testing. This is entirely up to you. While it may be required, it may also be optional. It is important to have a program in place so that you can determine whether your employees are using drugs or not. Particularly if they are coming to work while under the influence, you need to know. They are more likely to cause accidents, and you are likely going to get lower levels of productivity out of them.

It isn’t difficult to implement a drug testing program – especially if you reach out for help from a third party. Once you have a program up and running, you can learn a lot about your employees, and truly advertise that you are a drug-free workplace.

Selecting the right candidate for hire is difficult. So is preserving a drug- and alcohol-free environment. FleetScreen will help you design a personalized program of other screening services and support to fit your retention and hiring needs, as well as your budget. Contact us today to see how we deliver results you can’t afford to be without.

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