4 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Ship Your Aircraft Parts

So you lost your shipment in transit?

Maybe it was a ghost, a thief or an incompetent freight forwarder.

Whatever it was you’re now stuck without the material you bought.

It could have been $20,000, $5 or free, you’re still in a bind.

More than anything, you needed this material for your operation and now it’s on you to deal with the loss, both of time and money.

This thought is frustrating, stressful and may even keep you up at night.

The impact lost aircraft parts has on you

Losing your shorts is embarrassing but losing your valuable assets is down right stressful.

This error not only affects you but impacts your entire maintenance and engineering departments.


I don’t know about you but I take financial losses personal.

When anybody losses something that you’ve put time and money into, it’s personal.

Above all, lost shipment create a bottleneck in your distribution cycle. Is your aircraft undergoing maintenance, do you have an AOG, or was it for your MEL inventory?

Whatever it is, lost shipments double your investment and create bottlenecks.

Simple as that.

The logistical plan of attack

When you arrange for your aircraft parts to be shipped, what’s your strategy?

This may seem like a silly question but having a strategy in place will help you avoid losses, streamline distribution, and secure high value assets.

It’s no longer just giving your supplier an address and account number, it’s about having a 30,000 foot view of your operation.

When you ship there’s 4 key areas to focus on:

  1. AOG shipment: these are time crucial shipments that should be properly prepared for before they happen. Having an AOG shipper that can accommodate next flight out or aircraft charters is imperative.
  2. Routine small parcel: Having a proper process for routine small parcel will help you avoid unnecessary delays and additional cost for last minute decisions.
  3. Routine freight: Shipments over 150lbs can be costly if not properly prepared for. Especially if you end up using an unreliable freight forwarder.
  4. High value shipments: When you ship something of high value do you trust the people who are carrying it? By having proper strategies in place you can avoid the stress of in transit worry. I find using GPS helps with this worry.

By having strategies and processes for each one of these shipment methods it’ll save you time, money and worry.

It’s personal when you lose valuable assets. Start to prepare and eliminate these worries.

We provide a streamlined shipping strategy and all you have to do is worry about you.

We’ll take care of the rest.

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