4 Simple Ways to Find More Owner Driver Jobs

Efficiency is key to productivity. In the busy marketplace of transportation, the more you can streamline your work the better you will be able to increase your workload. This is especially the case if you are self-employed and operate one or two vehicles.

However, there are some simple methods everyone who shifts cargo can employ to keep the work flowing.

Kill dead mileage

Dead mileage has long been a thorn in the side of people who rely on owner driver jobs to make a living. It is both intrinsic to transporting cargo and yet a terrific waste. When your vehicle leaves the depot to traverse a paid route, the fact that it needs to return without any cargo and hence waste fuel and time is enough to make any operator pull their hair out. While many do seek to compensate for this loss with higher fees and added clients, it is wiser and more efficient to prioritise killing this dead mileage with return loads. This creates new clients and new profits out of old routes and old losses.

Use an online exchange

As any market for work becomes clogged, it becomes imperative to use more penetrative and yet efficient means to find employment. One great way to pick up the maximum amount of owner driver jobs that you can possibly take on is the use of an online exchange. These can effectively bring the width and breadth of the market and all its potential clients into your office. There is no quicker way to peruse hundreds of potential contacts and no faster way to arrange a route and transportation of goods. It is hard to pass on online exchanges as a means to find more work in the modern age of transportation.

Avoid bad debt

More work means a greater investment of your time. If you are seeking to multiply the owner driver jobs at your fingertips, there comes with this the need to have more time, more fuel, more communication and perhaps more hardware. In turn, this means you should prepare for costs as your client base grows so that you can keep your standards of service high and continue to grow this base. Bad debt can savagely restrain this process and thus limit your capacity to pick up more work in the long run. Good debt, on the other hand – that is, debt that boosts your business and can be paid off – is often necessary.

Plan for growth

If you want to grow, plan to grow. This means creating a business plan that anticipates, predicts and, ultimately, expects an increase in owner driver jobs. Such a plan means you need to look beyond the customers, clients and options in front of your right now and think about what choices will see an increase in your market share in the long run. Too many short term decisions see temporary growth but do not plan for sustainable growth.

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